Capping iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max refresh rate for extended battery life

What you should know

  • Battery life is important to smartphone users
  • Limited refresh rate could extend battery life by 5-6%
  • Lowering screen brightness can also extend battery life
  • High refresh rates may be important for some games

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Battery life has always been a major concern for smartphone users, as the best features don’t amount to much if your phone is constantly dead. Apple has been particularly conscious of this issue after being criticized by Samsung years ago for its lackluster battery life. The iPhone 11 Pro Max was a turning point in this respect, with Apple prioritizing battery life in its high-end models. In fact, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is equipped with the largest battery ever placed inside an iPhone.

Interestingly, it was discovered that limiting the refresh rate of the iPhone 15 Pro models to 60Hz, compared to the standard 120Hz, could increase battery life by 5% to 6%. This is because the 120Hz refresh rate requires more power to redraw the screen, while the lower rate significantly reduces power consumption. Macworld tested this theory and found that the battery life improved by 5%-6% when the refresh rate was limited to 60Hz.

While this boost in battery life may be appealing to some, it’s important to consider the trade-offs. Gaming enthusiasts, for example, may prefer to keep the higher refresh rate enabled, as certain games support high refresh rates. However, turning off auto-brightness and setting the screen brightness to the lowest comfortable level is an effective way to extend battery life on any smartphone. With this simple adjustment, users can reduce energy consumption without sacrificing functionality.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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