Chrome’s Quick Delete Feature Coming to iOS from Android

What you should know

  • Android users can delete their Chrome browsing history from as recent as the last 15 minutes to all time by accessing the “Clear browsing data” option from the three-dot menu.
  • The ability to erase the last 15 minutes of browsing history is currently exclusive to Android, with iOS users only able to delete history from the last hour or more.
  • A “Quick Delete for iOS” Chrome flag indicates that a 15-minute quick delete option for browsing history on iOS is in development, aiming to provide parity with Android.
  • While iOS Chrome users currently lack the 15-minute delete option, they can clear the last 15 minutes of Search history through the iOS Google app, suggesting similar functionality might soon be available in Chrome for iOS.

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So, you’re an Android user, right? And you’re suddenly in a rush to wipe your Chrome browsing history clean. Here’s a quick tip: tap that three-dot menu chilling in the upper right corner. Then, hit “Clear browsing data.” Boom, you’re halfway there.

This nifty feature lets you erase your digital footprints, starting from the last 15 minutes or even further back. Want more options? Just tap the small arrow next to “Last 15 minutes.” A dropdown menu will appear, offering time frames like the last hour, 24 hours, 7 days, 4 weeks, or if you’re going all in, “all time.”

Once you’ve made your choice, there’s a blue “Clear data” button waiting patiently at the bottom right. Tap it, and poof! Your selected browsing history vanishes. It’s a neat trick, especially if you’re keen on keeping your recent online adventures away from prying eyes. Regularly clearing your Chrome data might just become your new habit.

Now, onto the iOS side of the fence. It’s a bit of a bummer, but Chrome users on iOS have been left out of the quick delete party. For now, they can’t erase anything less than the last hour of browsing history. But hold up, there’s a glimmer of hope on the horizon.

The Mac Observer dropped a hint about a new Chrome flag, dubbed “Quick Delete for iOS.” Although it’s playing hard to get and isn’t listed yet, its mission is clear: to make deleting browsing history on iOS a breeze. The goal? To introduce that handy 15-minute quick delete option.

For iOS users itching to clear their Chrome browsing history, here’s the drill: Open Chrome, tap the three-button menu on the bottom right, and select “Clear Browsing Data.” Feeling picky about the time frame? Tap the “Time Range” button and make your choice. You’ve got options ranging from the last hour to all time.

After selecting your desired time range, hit the back button, double-check your choice, and then tap the red “Clear Browsing Data” link at the bottom. And here’s a fun fact: iOS users can already ditch the last 15 minutes of their Search history via the iOS Google app. So, adding a similar feature to Chrome? Seems like a no-brainer.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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