Circle to Search Feature Rolls Out to Pixel Tablet for Beta Testers

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  • Google’s Circle to Search tool, initially launched with the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, is expanding to more devices including the Google Pixel Tablet.
  • This feature allows users to highlight text or an image on their screen for Google to instantly search for related information on the web.
  • After debuting on Samsung and Google’s flagship devices, Circle to Search has progressively been made available on other devices, including the Pixel 6, 7 series, and various Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets.
  • Older Samsung devices, like the Galaxy S21 series and Galaxy Z Flip/Fold 3, will receive Circle to Search with the One UI 6.1 update, starting in South Korea before a global rollout.


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Oh, have you heard? Google’s nifty little trick, Circle to Search, is branching out. Initially, it popped up with the Samsung Galaxy S24 series. It’s like Google Lens had a baby with magic, focusing on visual search.

Now, according to the folks over at Android Authority, it’s making a grand entrance on the Google Pixel Tablet. Imagine just circling a snippet of text or an image, and bam, Google dives into the web to fetch more info for you. Neat, huh?

Since its debut, people have been all over Circle to Search. It first graced last year’s Samsung and Google flagships. Then, like a well-kept secret, it sneaked onto devices like the Pixel 8. That was a surprise Feature Drop, by the way.

In the months that followed, it made its way to the Pixel 6 and 7 series. Not to mention, it cozied up with various Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets. Google was all, “It’ll hit other devices soon,” back in March. And would you believe it? The Pixel Fold got it not long after.

Zoom to a few weeks later, and here we are. Reports are trickling in. Some users, the lucky ducks on Android 15 Beta 1.2, are getting a nudge to try Circle to Search.

Image credit goes to Android Authority, by the way. The rollout on the Pixel Tablet? It’s a bit on the down-low for now. Just a handful of users have spotted it. But fingers crossed, it’ll be a Pixel Tablet staple soon.

And hey, if you’re holding onto an older Samsung gadget, like the Galaxy S21 series or those fancy Galaxy Z Flips and Folds, there’s good news. Circle to Search is hitching a ride with the One UI 6.1 update. South Korea’s already enjoying it. So, it’s only a matter of time before it goes global – Europe, the U.S., you name it.

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Derrick Flynn
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