EU Commission Seeks More Details from Cupertino on Apple-Epic Dispute

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  • European officials have summoned Apple for further explanations regarding its actions against Epic Games in relation to the Digital Markets Act (DMA).
  • Apple barred Epic Games from launching its own online marketplace on iPhones and iPads in Europe, raising concerns about potential breaches of EU technology rules.
  • In 2020, Apple shut Epic’s developer account after Epic bypassed Apple’s in-app payment system, leading to a lawsuit and subsequent changes in how developers can link to third-party in-app payment platforms.
  • Despite changes made by the DMA, Apple closed Epic’s developer account in the EU, citing past breaches of contract, which Epic claims is an act of revenge.


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Oh boy, the drama between Apple and Epic Games just keeps getting juicier. Seriously, it’s like watching a soap opera unfold, but with tech giants instead of TV stars. So, here’s the latest scoop: European officials are on Apple’s case again. They’re not letting this go anytime soon, it seems.

They’ve called up the big guns from Cupertino, demanding some answers. Why? Well, it’s all about Apple’s latest tiff with Epic Games. You know, the creators of Fortnite? Yep, that game that’s everywhere. Apparently, they’re Apple’s arch-nemesis now. Who would’ve thought?

A spokesperson from the European Commission spilled the beans in an email. They’re all, “We need more info, Apple. Spill the tea under the DMA (Digital Markets Act).” What they’re digging into is Apple’s move to block Epic from setting up its own shop on iPhones and iPads in Europe. Sounds like a big deal, right?

The EU’s got a bone to pick about whether this whole mess breaks their tech rules. Flashback to 2020, and Apple’s like, “Bye, Felicia” to Epic’s developer account in the U.S. and elsewhere. Why? Because Epic tried to sidestep Apple’s hefty in-app payment fees by linking directly to their own payment platform in the Fortnite app. Sneaky, sneaky.

This obviously ruffled some feathers at Apple HQ. They weren’t about to let those commissions slip through their fingers. So, what did they do? They slapped Epic with a lawsuit. The outcome? Apple had to loosen up a bit, allowing developers to point customers to alternative payment methods. But, Epic pushing for its own App Store on the iPhone was a hard no from Apple.

In a twist, Apple extended an olive branch to Epic, granting them a developer account in the EU. This was thanks to some changes brought about by the DMA. But, plot twist—Apple shut it down, citing Epic’s past sins in their ongoing legal soap opera. Epic’s take? “Apple’s just trying to get back at us for throwing shade their way.”

And there you have it, folks. The saga continues. Will they kiss and make up? Will there be more plot twists? Stay tuned.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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