EU May Impose Nearly $40 Billion Fine on Apple for iPadOS Gatekeeper Role

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  • Apple‘s iPadOS has been categorized as a “gatekeeper” under the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA), highlighting its significant influence over the market and its role as a control point for businesses to access users.
  • The DMA aims to promote fairness, competition, and innovation in the digital market by imposing specific regulatory obligations on gatekeepers, including measures to prevent unfair practices and ensure transparency.
  • Companies that fail to comply with the DMA could face fines of up to 10% of their global annual turnover, which for Apple could amount to nearly $40 billion based on its 2023 revenue.
  • Apple has been given six months to comply with the DMA regulations, and it has expressed its intention to continue engaging constructively with the European Commission to meet these requirements.


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Oh, the EU and its fines. It’s like their hobby, really. Now, they’ve got their sights set on Apple’s iPadOS, claiming it’s too big for its britches under their tough tech rules. Just this past Monday, they slapped the “gatekeeper” label on it. Why? Because, according to them, it’s essential for business users.

So, what’s this “gatekeeper” fuss about? It’s part of the Digital Markets Act (DMA) that kicked in this year. Apparently, 22 services from the tech bigwigs—think Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon, Meta, and TikTok’s parent ByteDance—have been corralled under this tag. They’re the digital overlords controlling who gets to play in their sandbox.

Gatekeeper, in EU speak, means you’re a big deal online. You’ve got the market under your thumb, setting the rules for how others can reach their audience. And with great power comes… well, not so great obligations. The DMA wants these gatekeepers to play nice, ensuring fairness, competition, and a bit of elbow room for the smaller guys to innovate.

Now, onto the juicy bit—the money. Step out of line, and the EU can fine you up to 10% of your global annual dough. For Apple, with its 2023 revenue looking like a cool $385.70 billion, we’re talking nearly $40 billion in fines. Ouch.

This whole drama started with an investigation last September. Apple’s iOS, Safari, and the App Store had already been caught in the EU’s gatekeeper net. Apple’s got six months to get its house in order, and they’re like, “Sure, we’ll work with the European Commission.” But you gotta wonder, are they crossing their fingers behind their back?

In the end, it’s a classic tale of regulation meets big tech. With the EU playing the sheriff, it’s clear they’re not afraid to stir up a little dust to keep the digital frontier fair for everyone. Let’s just see how Apple, with its newly minted gatekeeper badge, dances to the EU’s tune.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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