Eufy Launches Trackers Compatible with Google Find My Device Network

What you should know

  • Android users will soon be able to use eufy’s affordable Bluetooth tracking devices with Google’s Find My Device network, expanding the choice of trackers for the system.
  • The integration of eufy’s SmartTrack Link and SmartTrack Card with the Find My Device network in June leverages the vast network of active Android devices to help locate lost items.
  • While eufy’s trackers are currently budget-friendly, it remains to be seen if the prices will remain the same once they become compatible with the Find My Device network.
  • Other companies like Chipolo and Pebblebee are also preparing to release Find My Device trackers, indicating a growing ecosystem and competition, which could lead to more innovation and affordability in the tracking device market.

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Oh boy, the wait’s finally over. Android folks, get ready. Eufy’s dropping some cool Bluetooth trackers into our laps soon. You know, those affordable little gadgets that help you find lost stuff? Yeah, those.

Caught a whisper from Android Authority the other day. They’re saying, come June, eufy’s SmartTrack Link and Card will buddy up with Google’s Find My Device network. Pretty neat, huh? Android users, you’ve been waiting for this. The frustration of limited tracker options is about to be history.

Here’s the scoop on Google’s Find My Device network. It’s like having a superhero squad of Android devices ready to find your lost items. Imagine that. A vast army, just looking for your keys.

Now, eufy’s gadgets? They’re wallet-friendly. Always have been. But will they stay cheap with this new update? Hmm. Guess we’ll find out before June rolls around. Also, a little birdie told me these tags are gonna keep you safe from sneaky tracking. Works on Android and iOS. Nice touch, eufy.

Chipolo, Pebblebee, they’re also in the race. Launching their own Find My Device trackers. But eufy? They’re already stepping up their game. More choices for us means a stronger network. And who doesn’t love options?

Oh, and Google’s cooking up something too. A Bluetooth tracker, codenamed “Grogu.” Sounds mysterious. We might hear more at Google I/O next month. Stay tuned.

But Tile? They’re kinda MIA. No plans to join the Find My Device party. If you’re a Tile fan, might be time to shop around. Just saying.

Seeing eufy dive into the Find My Device pool is a breath of fresh air. It’s all about options, competition, and, fingers crossed, better prices. Here’s to hoping for a future where losing stuff becomes almost impossible. Cheers to innovation and choices galore!

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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