Evidence of Upcoming Pixel 8a Launch Surfaces

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  • The rumored Pixel 8a has appeared on the FCC’s website, indicating that Google is gearing up for the phone’s release, possibly during the I/O 2024 conference starting May 14.
  • The FCC certification, a necessary step for selling phones in the US, has revealed four Pixel 8a models with different features, including mmWave connectivity for at least one variant.
  • Leaked details suggest the Pixel 8a will support wireless charging, contactless payments, Wi-Fi 6E, and will be available in a 256GB model and four colors: Obsidian, Porcelain, Bay, and Mint.
  • Despite minimal hardware upgrades from its predecessor and featuring the Tensor G3 chip, the Pixel 8a is expected to cost more than the $499 Pixel 7a, raising questions about its market competitiveness.


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Oh, have you heard? The Pixel 8a’s whispers have finally made their way onto the FCC’s website. Yep, that’s Google’s baby we’re talking about. They’re gearing up for the big reveal, it seems. Remember the buzz around Google’s midrange phone from last year’s developer’s conference? Well, strap in because Google just dropped the dates for I/O 2024 – May 14th is the day we’ve all got circled in red now. Everyone’s betting their bottom dollar that the Pixel 8a’s debut is just around the corner.

Now, for a gadget to hit the shelves in the US, it’s gotta get the nod from the FCC. It’s like the bouncer at the club, making sure everything’s up to snuff. And guess what? Droid Life, those eagle-eyed scouts, spotted not one but four Pixel 8a models cozying up on the FCC’s list. We’re talking G8HNN, GKV4X, G6GPR, and G576D. Oh, and about that G6GPR model – some sneaky soul leaked pictures of its retail box way back in January. Talk about an early bird!

These model numbers? They’re not just random jumbles of letters and numbers. Nope, they hint at the little differences between each variant. Think mmWave connectivity and such. The FCC’s files gave us a peek into some juicy details too – wireless charging, contactless payments, and Wi-Fi 6E are all on the menu.

But, don’t go hunting for photos on the FCC’s site. You won’t find any. However, the rumor mill’s been working overtime, churning out tidbits about the phone’s design. It’s rumored to be a tall, slim number with curves in all the right places. And get this – Google might just throw a 256GB model into the mix. Color-wise, we’re looking at Obsidian, Porcelain, Bay, and Mint. Fancy, huh?

Under the hood, it’s the Tensor G3 chip running the show. But don’t hold your breath for any earth-shattering upgrades. Google’s playing it cool, sticking to the AI features we’ve come to love in the Pixel 8 duo. Now, here’s the kicker – despite the modest hardware touch-ups, the price tag’s getting a bump. Yep, it’s looking pricier than the Pixel 7a, which already sets you back $499.

So, the million-dollar question – will the Pixel 8a’s price hike mess with its shot at being 2024’s budget-friendly champ? Only time will tell. But hey, in the world of tech, anything’s possible. Stay tuned, folks.

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