Explore iPhone 15 Pro’s 3D videos on Quest 3: Vision Pro’s exciting features.

What you should know

– Spatial Video format introduced with the iPhone 15 Pro
– Spatial videos are FullHD stereoscopic videos captured at 30 FPS for each eye
– An app called Spatialify allows users to transform spatial videos to be compatible with VR headsets like the Meta Quest
– The introduction of Spatial Video is a bold step towards bringing 3D video capabilities to a mainstream audience

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Hey there, VR fans and iPhone buffs! Apple‘s iPhone 15 Pro just upped the cool factor with something called Spatial Video. But guess what? You don’t need to wait for the Apple Vision Pro to get released in order to get a taste of the promised 3D action. Turns out, your trusty Meta Quest 3 can let you in on the fun too. The iPhone 15 Pro was introduced at Wonderlust on the 12th of September, and users rocking Apple’s newest phone running the latest iOS Beta can now capture life’s moments in three dimensions thanks to this new Spatial Video format. But what exactly is Spatial Video? In a nutshell, it’s stereoscopic 3D (distinct images for each eye seamlessly merged by our brains to form a unified 3D image).

These 3D videos are then meant to float in your Vision Pro headset. But here’s the twist — you don’t actually need one to see what it’s like! A clever developer’s app, Spatialify, lets you transform Apple’s spatial videos to play nice with the best VR headsets like the Meta Quest. First, convert the videos using Spatialify on your iPhone. Then, transfer these files to a Mac or PC. Finally, move them to your QuestFor Meta Quest users, Sidequest is your best friend for this transfer. So, what’s the deal with these 3D videos you can create with your iPhone 15 Pro? Apple says it captures life’s moments instead of flat images. Apple’s introduction of Spatial Video is a bold step towards bringing 3D video capabilities to a mainstream audience, even if it’s not the first to record 3D video sans special accessories. If Apple keeps this up with future iPhones, we could all be shooting 3D videos like pros before we know it.

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