Exploring the Galaxy S24 Camera Technology: An In-Depth Review

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  • Mobile photography advancements have led to smartphones acting more like dedicated cameras, with even mid-range models catching up to older flagships. Options are available across various brands, including Oppo, Xiaomi, vivo, Apple, Google, and Samsung.
  • Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series introduces the ProVisual Engine with features like Motion Photo, which captures motion in action and allows users to select a frame from the Motion Photo file to save as a high-resolution image, and provides Super HDR capabilities.
  • Instant Slow-mo on the Galaxy S24 is powered by AI Frame Rate Conversion (FRC) technology, which can transform videos into slow-motion clips by generating new intermediate frames, offering users the ability to create detailed slow-motion videos.
  • The Galaxy S24 series incorporates Natural Density (ND) filters directly into its camera system, allowing for enhanced photo quality without external attachments and enabling users to capture vivid images that convey dynamic motion.


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Oh, mobile photography? It’s on fire right now. Everyone’s diving in, eager for a slice of that sweet, pixel-perfect pie.

Today’s flagship phones? They’re nothing short of miraculous with their photo skills. Seriously, they’re inching closer and closer to what you’d expect from a dedicated camera. And those mid-rangers? They’re hot on the heels of yesterday’s top dogs.

Looking for something specific? Like, say, a phone with a 1-inch sensor that’s got its roots in the Far East? You’ve got options. The Oppo Find X7 Ultra, Xiaomi 14 Ultra, and vivo X100 Pro are all contenders.

If you’re all about that Apple life, then the iPhone 15 Pro Max is where it’s at. No contest.

Android fan but not keen on Chinese brands? No worries. You’ve got the Google Pixel 8 Pro and the Galaxy S24 series to drool over.

And guess what? All these camera wizards get a little help from their AI friends. But the Galaxy S24? It takes it up a notch. It’s not just a phone; it’s an AI marvel.

Let’s zoom in on Samsung’s ProVisual Engine. It’s a game-changer. Remember when capturing break-dancers on your phone was a blurry mess? Not anymore. Phones now can do burst-shots and even pick the best frame for you.

Samsung’s Motion Photo is a prime example. It grabs a bit of action and stitches it into a moving picture. Low light? No problem. It switches to Night Mode. But if you’re not feeling it, just tap the moon symbol, and bam, back to Motion Photo.

Editing? A breeze. Galaxy S24 users can pluck any frame from a Motion Photo and save it as a high-res image. Thanks to AI, you’re looking at 12MP of crisp detail. And let’s not forget Super HDR.

But there’s more. Ever wanted to capture the magic of fireworks in a single photo? Motion Photo’s long exposure feature has got you covered.

Now, onto Instant Slow-mo. Life’s full of moments screaming for slow-mo. The Galaxy S24 can transform regular videos into slow-motion masterpieces, thanks to its AI Frame Rate Conversion tech.

It’s pretty smart. It takes your footage, analyzes it, and spits out new frames to slow things down. And soon, it’ll even jazz up your social media game with support for 480×480 24fps videos.

The tech behind it? First, it analyzes two frames to understand the motion. Then, it interpolates new frames to slow down the action. After a double-check for accuracy, it refines the details. The result? Smooth, detailed slow-mo videos.

Let’s not forget about Natural Density filters. They’re the secret sauce for pros looking to manage light exposure and reduce noise. The Galaxy S24 series packs 10 ND filters right into the camera.

No need for external attachments. These built-in filters let you capture the essence of movement, like the flow of a waterfall, in a single, stunning image.

And there you have it. Mobile photography’s never been more exciting, right?

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