Express Frustrations Faster with Google’s Gboard Update

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  • Gboard now lets users quickly file a “Quality Bug Report” through a new shortcut, aiming to streamline the feedback process.
  • The “Quality Bug Report” feature is currently available on the latest Gboard beta version (13.9.13.x) on Pixel devices.
  • For non-beta users, submitting feedback on Gboard requires navigating through Gboard settings to the Help & feedback section, a process that will be expedited once the beta feature goes public.
  • Gboard recently introduced a “Scan Text” OCR feature, allowing users to capture text from their environment into their device for use in messages, notes, and more.


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Oh, the wonders of technology, right? If you’re a fan of Google’s Gboard, there’s something new on the horizon that might just catch your eye. Ever found yourself a tad frustrated with it? Well, Google’s rolling out a way to voice that frustration – and fast. According to the folks over at 9to5Google, there’s this nifty thing called a “Quality Bug Report” coming your way.

So, what’s the big deal with it? It’s all about making life easier, really. This latest addition to Gboard is basically a shortcut. A quick tap and you’re telling Google what’s bugging you, straight through Android’s standard issue-filing system. And guess where this gem popped up? Yep, in the latest Gboard beta version (13.9.13.x) nestled in Pixel devices.

But hey, if you’re not on the beta bandwagon, don’t sweat it. You still have a voice, albeit through a slightly more scenic route. Normally, you’d dive into Gboard settings, hit up Help & Feedback at the very bottom, and then tap Send feedback. Sounds like a trek, doesn’t it?

Well, hold onto your hats because when this beta feature hits the mainstream, it’s going to be a breeze. We’re talking two taps, maybe even one if you’re slick enough to drag that “Quality Bug Reports” shortcut onto your toolbar. The rest of the process? Pretty much the same, but with a little tag at the beginning to make sure the Gboard team spots your feedback in the wild.

Oh, and before I forget, Gboard’s been up to more than just bug reporting. Have you heard about their OCR feature, Scan Text to Gboard? It’s pretty cool. Imagine this: you use the feature, and bam, your camera’s up and hogging more than half your screen. There’s this button, right at the bottom center, egging you on with a “Take a photo of words to scan” tagline.

Snap a pic, and Gboard goes to town, highlighting all the text it sees. Next thing you know, you’re inserting that text into messages, notes, wherever you need it, really. Plus, there’s a quick preview right next to the insert button, just to show you what you’re about to drop in. Handy, huh?

So, yeah. Google’s Gboard is getting some pretty sweet updates. Whether it’s getting your grievances heard quicker or turning your camera into a text-snatching wizard, it’s all about making your digital life a bit smoother. Can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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