Fast Share Google Photos with Your Favorite Person: Discover the Feature

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  • Android‘s Google Photos app now allows users to select a “favorite person” to share photos with instantly and in full quality directly from the share sheet.
  • This feature is accessible by going to Library > Utilities > Add favorite shortcut in the Google Photos app, enabling users to easily share images with their chosen favorite person, who appears first on the share sheet with a heart icon.
  • Currently, the feature is available on Google Photos version 6.76 for Android, with no confirmation on its availability for iOS users.
  • Users can only select one “favorite person” at a time but have the option to change their selected favorite person through Photos Settings > Sharing > Quick share.


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Ever had that one special someone? You know, the person you bombard with all your photos because they just *get* it? Well, guess what? Android’s rolled out this nifty little feature that lets you pick your MVP for photo sharing right from the Google Photos app. Heard about it from 9to5Google, and yep, it’s real; saw it with my own eyes on my Pixel 6 Pro. Latest Android 14 QPR3 beta and all that jazz.

Here’s the scoop. Fire up the Google Photos app on your trusty Android. Hit the Library tab chilling at the bottom. Then, mosey on over to Utilities > Add favorite shortcut. Just follow the breadcrumbs from there, and bam! Choose your photo-sharing soulmate.

Next time you’re itching to share that meme-worthy snapshot, just long press it. And like magic, your favorite person’s face pops up first on the share sheet. Sporting a cute little heart icon, no less, after you’ve made your pick. Can confirm, it’s slicker than your average feature. Got someone glued to your hip in the photo-sharing department? This is gonna be a game-changer.

Oh, and for those rocking Google Photos on Android version 6.76, you’re in for a treat. This gem’s waiting for you.

But hold your horses. You might be wondering, “Can I have a whole squad of favorites?” Nah, it’s a one-person show. But hey, changing your MVP is a breeze. Just tap your profile icon up top, dive into Photos Settings > Sharing > Quick share, and hit the eject button on your current fav.

And yeah, this little party trick is currently strutting its stuff on Google Photos 6.76 for Android. iOS users, well, the jury’s still out on when you’ll get to join the fun. But if you’ve stumbled upon this feature and you’re in the habit of spamming someone’s inbox with your photographic genius, trust me, setting this up is a no-brainer. Time well spent, indeed.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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