Files by Google App Adds New Useful Feature for Pixel Users

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  • The Files by Google app is introducing a new “scan” button that enables users to digitize documents directly within the app, saving them as PDF files in a newly created “Scanned” folder.
  • Documents can be scanned automatically by positioning them in front of the rear camera or by manually selecting a specific area of the document for scanning, with the option to combine multiple scans into one document.
  • The feature is being distributed through a server-side update, meaning users won’t need to download a new version of the app to access the new scanning functionality.
  • PDF files, which stand for Portable Document Format, offer advantages such as compatibility across different operating systems, the ability to maintain document formatting without the original software or fonts, and smaller file sizes for easier storage and transfer.


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Oh boy, guess who’s back with a bang? Mishaal Rahman, the brainiac everyone wishes they could be, just dropped a tweet. And oh, it’s not just any tweet. It’s the kind that makes you go, “Why didn’t I think of that?” He’s talking about this nifty new feature in the Files by Google app. You know, the one that’s about to make our lives a tad bit easier?

Here’s the scoop. Picture this: You’re holding a document, and there’s this “Scan” button teasing you from the bottom right corner of the app. You tap it, and bam! The app does its magic. It either scans the whole document sitting pretty in front of your rear camera or zones in on a specific part you tell it to. And just like that, your paper is digitized. But wait, there’s more. You can mush multiple scans into one single document. How cool is that?

So, Mishaal’s tweet, right? It’s got this pic showing off the “Scan” button in all its glory. And not just that. Once your doc is scanned, it transforms into a PDF file and snuggles up in a new “Scanned” folder. Neat and tidy, just how we like it. This tweet was like a mini bomb of joy when it popped up on March 7, 2024.

Now, onto the geeky stuff. The Files by Google app is rolling out this update in a kinda ninja way. It’s a server-side update, meaning you’re sitting there, and poof, the feature’s there. No need to hit update or anything. Android Authority was all over this, testing it on a Pixel phone with the Files by Google app version 1.2729.610141523.0. And guess what? My Pixel 6 Pro is on the same version, but no dice on the scanning feature yet. It’s like waiting for a surprise party that you know is happening but not when.

For those scratching their heads, wondering what a PDF file is—let’s break it down. PDF stands for Portable Document Format. It’s like the Swiss Army knife for documents. You can view it, print it, and it’ll play nice with different operating systems. No fuss about having the original software or fonts. Plus, PDF files are like packing a suitcase the Mary Poppins way—everything fits in neatly because they’re smaller in size.

And hey, if your Pixel is feeling left out without the Files by Google app, no worries. A quick trip to the Google Play Store, tap on a link, and you’re set. It’s like inviting yourself to the party, and the host is cool with it.

So, there you have it. A little birdie named Mishaal Rahman just made our document handling a breeze. And in the world of endless updates and features, this one’s definitely worth a tweet or two.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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