Fitbit Online Store May Soon Merge with Google Store

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  • Google, which acquired Fitbit in 2019, has been integrating Fitbit into its ecosystem, leading to changes in how Fitbit devices are purchased.
  • Fitbit encouraged users to switch to Google account logins, and in March, rebranded itself as “Google Fitbit.”
  • Fitbit’s website now redirects users to the Google Store for completing purchases of Fitbit devices and accessories.
  • Despite the integration, Fitbit devices remain available through major retailers like Amazon and Best Buy, though Google’s consolidation efforts suggest a preference for direct purchases from the Google Store.


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So, you’re eyeing a new Fitbit, huh? Or maybe you’re already part of the Fitbit fam. Either way, there’s a twist in the tale. Google, the big G, scooped up Fitbit in 2019. And, oh boy, have things been shaking up since then.

Google’s been weaving Fitbit into its vast ecosystem bit by bit. What’s that mean for you? Well, buying a Fitbit’s about to get a tad different. Remember last year? Fitbit was all, “Hey, use your Google account to log in, pretty please?” That was just the appetizer.

Fast forward to March, and bam! Fitbit’s now flaunting a “Google Fitbit” badge. Talk about a makeover. But wait, there’s more. Recently, a little birdie (okay, 9to5Google) noticed something new. Shopping for a Fitbit? You’ll be zipping over to the Google Store to check out. Yup, no more Fitbit store for that.

Heading over to Fitbit’s site with your wallet ready? Surprise! You’re now taking a detour to the Google Store. Not that we didn’t see it coming. I mean, Google’s been cozying up Fitbit devices under its “Watches and Trackers” section for a while now. And, oh, those Fitbit accessories? They’ve made the leap to Google’s turf too.

Now, don’t get all doom and gloom on me. The Fitbit online store isn’t ghosting us just yet, at least in the U.S. But let’s be real. Google’s probably itching to streamline things. Why juggle two stores when you can have one big happy family, right?

This whole shift? It’s not gonna mess with where you can snag a Fitbit. Amazon, Best Buy, and the gang will still have your back. But, between you and me, Google’s probably hoping you’ll buy straight from the source.

Given Google’s recent penny-pinching and team-merging shenanigans, this move’s kinda a no-brainer. Honestly, I’m scratching my head wondering why it took them this long. Two stores, one brand? Google’s finally getting its ducks in a row.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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