Fitbit Tests Walkmate: New Personalized Walking Motivation Program

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  • Google acquired Fitbit about three years ago, leveraging its expertise in wearable technology for health and fitness tracking.
  • Fitbit is testing a new program called “Walkmate” that aims to encourage participants to increase their daily walking through personalized notifications and tracking of steps and Active Zone Minutes (AZM).
  • The Walkmate program targets individuals who walk less than 8,000 steps per day on average, requiring them to complete a survey for personalized insights and strategies to enhance their physical activity.
  • Fitbit has recently updated its Android app to version 4.06, introducing a feature that allows users to manually input their body temperature readings.


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Oh, remember when Google went all in and scooped up Fitbit about three years ago? Yeah, that was a thing. Fitbit, if you’ve been living under a rock, is all about those gadgets that cling to your wrist. You know, the ones that buzz and beep, keeping track of how much you move or don’t.

So, there’s this buzz from 9to5Google about Fitbit getting its hands dirty with something they’re calling “Walkmate.” Sounds friendly, right? It’s a two-month gig where they nudge you daily. A little “Hey, let’s walk,” popping up on your phone, aiming to get you off the couch more.

Once you’re in, it’s simple. A ping every day from the Fitbit app. It’s like having a tiny coach, whispering, “Go on, take a stroll.” Behind the scenes, Fitbit’s keeping an eye on how many steps you take and how much you’re actually moving. They call it AZM or Active Zone Minutes. Fancy, huh?

But wait, there’s more. Before you even start, they hit you with a survey. They wanna know what makes you tick, or rather, what makes you walk. It’s for folks who aren’t exactly marathon runners, aiming for those under 8,000 steps a day.

Wanna jump on board? Whip out your phone, fire up the Fitbit app, and tap on that Steps card. You’ll see the Google Health Studies logo. That’s your ticket in. They’re curious about what gets you moving and how long you can keep at it.

Once you’re in, keep an eye on your Today feed. “Walk Mate” will be there, cozying up next to those “Reminders to Move” notifications. Oh, and guess what? Fitbit’s app got a facelift, version 4.06 for the Android folks. They’ve thrown in a curveball—a spot where you can jot down your body temp. Just make sure you’ve got a thermometer handy.

Crazy, right? But hey, it’s all in the name of science. Or is it health? Maybe both.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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