Fitbit Workout UI Update Rolls Out to First-Gen Pixel Watch

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  • Google announced a March Pixel Feature Drop that includes a revamped fitness tracking interface for the original Pixel Watch, aligning it with the Pixel Watch 2’s streamlined workout experience.
  • The new update changes the workout UI to display key exercise stats in a vertical list, allowing for easier navigation and a clearer view of metrics like heart rate, calories burned, and elapsed time.
  • Visual and functional tweaks include heart rate zones represented by a filled-in heart icon and the shape of the end, resume, and lock buttons changing to pills instead of circles.
  • The update, delivered via Fitbit 3.19 for Wear OS, may require a restart of the Pixel Watch to see the new UI, showcasing Google’s commitment to improving user experience for original Pixel Watch owners.


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Oh boy, did you hear? The original Pixel Watch is getting some much-needed TLC. Yep, that’s right. When the March Pixel Feature Drop was announced, Google made a promise. And guess what? They’re keeping it.

So, the big news? A revamped fitness tracking interface is on its way. This means the first-gen smartwatch is about to catch up with its younger sibling, the Pixel Watch 2. You know, offering that sleek workout experience we’ve all been envying.

Let’s talk about the old workout UI for a sec. Functional? Sure. Ideal? Not so much. Picture this: one giant metric hogging the screen, with three tiny stats squished underneath. Not exactly user-friendly, eh?

But here comes the good part. According to the folks over at 9to5Google, there’s a fresh update rolling out as we speak. Google’s decided to ditch the old layout for something way more intuitive. Think Pixel Watch 2 vibes.

Now, onto the juicy details. The new OG Pixel Watch Fitbit workout UI? It’s a game-changer. Picture your key exercise stats lined up in a neat vertical list. Swipe through ’em with ease. Heart rate, calories burned, elapsed time – it’s all there, clear as day.

And during a workout? This layout’s a godsend. Plus, there’s this nifty visual for heart rate zones – a filled-in heart icon. Cute, right? Oh, and don’t get me started on the subtle tweaks. The end, resume, and lock buttons? They’ve gone from circles to chic pill shapes. It’s all in the details, folks.

This whole shebang comes courtesy of Fitbit 3.19 for Wear OS. Chances are, it’s sitting pretty on the on-watch Play Store, just waiting for you. But, a heads-up from 9to5Google – you might need to give your Pixel Watch a quick restart to see the new UI in all its glory.

It’s pretty darn cool to see Google not forgetting about the OG Pixel Watch. Especially considering it wasn’t exactly the bell of the ball at launch. For those still rocking their original Pixel Watch, this update’s a breath of fresh air. Health-conscious users, rejoice! Your user experience is about to get a whole lot better.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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