Fix Apple Watch Screen Touch and Double Tap Issues with watchOS 10.4 Update

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  • watchOS 10.4 introduces 28 new emojis and a Tap to Show Full Notification feature, enhancing user interaction and ease of use.
  • The update includes a security improvement for Apple Pay on the Watch, requiring a passcode instead of a double side button click for payment authorization.
  • Resolution of the Apple Watch “ghost touch” issue, adjusting touchscreen sensitivity to prevent false touches.
  • Fix for Apple Watch and Vision Pro double tap gesture conflict, with an Ignore Double Tap option when using both devices together.


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Oh boy, here we go. The latest watchOS 10.4 update? It’s a biggie, just like iOS 17.4 was for the iPhone. They’ve gone and fixed that pesky Apple Watch ghost touch. You know, the one that made your Watch act like it was possessed? And, they’ve sorted out the Double Tap mix-up with Vision Pro too.

Now, onto something kinda cool. Apple Pay’s got a new trick on the Watch. Forget the double side button click; it’s all about the passcode now. So, Apple’s been on this wild update marathon, right? We’re talking watchOS 10.4, macOS Sonoma 14.4, tvOS 17.4, visionOS 1.1, and even HomePod software 17.4. They’re rolling out new features and squashing bugs across the board.

After the grand slam of iOS 17.4, it’s the Watch’s turn to shine with some fancy feature upgrades and a smoother interaction experience. So, what’s new in watchOS 10.4? Glad you asked! We’re looking at 28 shiny new emojis, a Tap to Show Full Notification feature, and an Apple Pay passcode option.

First things first, those emojis. Your Apple Watch is now a little more expressive with 28 new emojis for iMessage and other chat apps. And that Tap to Show Full Notification thing? It’s a game-changer. Just double tap the display, and bam, full notification right there. It’s the little things, you know?

Now, the Apple Pay update. It’s all about security, folks. Instead of the double-click side button dance, you just enter a passcode. Simple and secure. Speaking of security, let’s talk bug fixes. The ghost touch issue? It’s been exorcised. Apple tweaked the touchscreen sensitivity, so no more phantom inputs. Remember when your Watch would go nuts, scrolling and clicking on its own? Yeah, that should be a thing of the past.

And syncing contacts? That’s been smoothed out too. Some users were having a tough time getting their contacts to play nice with their Watch. Apple’s been a bit hush-hush on the details, but they say it’s fixed. Now, for the folks using an Apple Watch with the Vision Pro AR/VR headset, there was a bit of a gesture clash. Both gadgets had a thing for double taps.

But, Apple’s on it. They introduced an Ignore Double Tap option for when you’re using Vision Pro. No more accidental commands. Lastly, can we talk about how slow watchOS updates can be? It’s like watching paint dry. Your iPhone’s all up to date, and your Watch is still chugging along. Here’s hoping Apple speeds things up a bit in the future.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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