Fix for Apple Watch draining iPhone battery in iOS 17.1 beta 3

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Apple has released iOS 17.1 beta 3 and watchOS 10.1 beta 3 for developers, addressing a potential battery draining issue.
– Users running iOS 17.1 beta or watchOS 10.1 beta should update to the newest beta version to prevent crashing of the Wallet app.
– The Wallet app in iOS 17.1 will show banking and credit card balances for U.K. iPhone users.
– iOS 17.1 will introduce new features such as the ability to “favorite” a song in Apple Music and continue AirDrop transfers via the internet.

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Apple has just released the third beta version of iOS 17.1 and watchOS 10.1 for developers. According to 9to5Mac, Apple has identified a significant issue with the battery life when an iPhone running the stable version of iOS 17 is paired with an Apple Watch running watchOS 10.1 beta. The result is increased power consumption, draining the iPhone’s battery faster than normal. This issue also occurs when an iPhone with an iOS 17.1 beta version is paired with an Apple Watch running watchOS 10. To avoid these battery draining problems, users are advised to update to the newest beta version, iOS 17.1 beta 3.

In addition to resolving the battery drainage issue, iOS 17.1 beta 3 also addresses another bug that causes the Wallet app to crash upon opening. This problem occurred specifically when users connected their cards to bank accounts while using iOS 17.1 beta 1 and beta 2. Apple recommends updating to the latest version to mitigate this crashing bug.

Furthermore, the Release Notes for iOS & iPadOS 17.1 Beta 3 mention another issue related to the Wallet app. In some cases, the connection between a card and a bank account may revoke. To address this problem, users are instructed to navigate to Settings > Apple Pay & Wallet > Connections, remove the card-bank connection, and then reconnect the card.

For those eagerly anticipating the release of iOS 17.1, there are some exciting features to look forward to. One notable addition is the ability to “favorite” a song in Apple Music, automatically adding it to the user’s Favorite Songs playlist. Users can access this feature by tapping the three-dot menu icon on a song or album and selecting the Favorite option. Additionally, iOS 17.1 introduces a new capability for AirDrop, allowing transfers to continue via the internet even if the two iPhones are separated. This feature can be toggled in Settings, enabling the use of cellular data for AirDrop in addition to Wi-Fi.

One particularly significant feature of iOS 17.1, although currently limited to the U.K., is the ability for users to view their banking and credit card balances directly in the Wallet app. This provides convenient access to financial information within a single app.

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