Fix iOS Gmail Notifications to Restore Previews

What you should know

  • Many iPhone users have reported an issue with Gmail notifications where they no longer receive previews of the emails, but rather a generic “You have a new message” notification.
  • This issue has been reported by users with various iPhone models and iOS versions, suggesting that it is not related to a specific update or device.
  • A workaround for this issue involves going into the Gmail app settings, disabling email notifications, turning off the iPhone, turning it back on, and then re-enabling the notifications.
  • After following these steps, users have reported that they are once again receiving Gmail notifications with previews.

Full Story

I’ve been noticing something weird for the past few days. Instead of getting my usual Gmail notifications with previews on my iPhone, all I see is a banner. It’s got the Gmail icon and the words “You have a new message.”

Now, every time this pops up, I have to open the Gmail app to see who’s trying to reach me. No clue why this started happening. I did some digging and found out I’m not alone in this.

There was this Reddit user who had the same issue after updating his iPhone 13 mini to iOS 17. This was over a month ago. Another Redditor noticed the same thing happening to him today after updating to iOS 17.2.1.

Just two days ago, an iPhone 13 Pro owner had the same problem. Three days back, an iPhone 14 Pro owner lost his Gmail previews on his iPhone 14 Pro. I updated to iOS 17.2.1 last month, so I know that’s not what caused my Gmail previews to disappear.

If you’re in the same boat, don’t panic. I found a workaround that fixed my iPhone 15 Pro Max. Now, I’m getting my Gmail preview notifications again. Here’s what you gotta do.

First, open the Gmail app. Tap the three-line hamburger icon on the left side of the search bar at the top. Scroll up a bit and tap on Settings. You’ll see Email notifications. Tap on that and you’ll get three options: All new mail, High priority only, and None. Go for None and then tap Done at the upper right corner. Now, switch off your iPhone.

Wait a minute or two, then turn your iPhone back on. Follow the same steps to get back to Email notifications in Gmail. This time, choose either All new mail or High priority only. Hit Done, and you’re all set. Your Gmail notifications with previews should be back.

This morning, my notifications were still without previews. But after trying this fix, the previews came back. If you’re dealing with this issue, give this a shot. Let us know if it brings your previews back.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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