Galaxy A55 Rumor: Samsung’s Mid-Range Champion Retains A51 Macro, Lacks Telephoto

What you should know

  • The upcoming Samsung Galaxy A55 is expected to be a mid-range phone with a premium feel, thanks to design elements like a flat, metallic frame and slim bezels.
  • Despite hopes for a telephoto camera, the Galaxy A55 will reportedly feature a 5MP macro camera, a feature that has been consistent in previous models like the Galaxy A54, A53, A52, and A51.
  • The Galaxy A55 is expected to have a 50MP main sensor, a 12MP ultra-wide sensor, and a 32MP front-facing sensor.
  • The phone’s chipset, the Exynos 1480, has shown promising results in Geekbench tests, outperforming the Galaxy A54 in both single-core and multi-core CPU performance.
  • While the GPU for the Galaxy A55 is based on the older AMD RDNA2 graphics architecture, it is expected to perform better than the Mali GPU from the Galaxy A54.

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Look, someone needs to make a trip to South Korea. Specifically, to Samsung’s headquarters. Once there, they gotta find the Galaxy mid-rangers department. Why? To find the team working on the upcoming Galaxy A55, of course.

And then? Burst into their office. You’ll probably see a 2020 calendar hanging on the wall. It’s 2024, people! Time to get with the program.

So, what’s got me all riled up? Well, it’s the latest rumor about the Galaxy A55. This baby is the upcoming mid-ranger king from Samsung. But it’s taking its sweet time, thanks to a lack of info and leaks.

Last week, we got a glimpse of some snazzy design renders that leaked. It’s got the same looks as its predecessor. But with a flat, metallic frame and slim bezels, it’s got a premium feel to it.

And the camera? Well, let’s just say the Dutch GalaxyClub is reliable as ever. But the news isn’t so great. The Galaxy A55 will come with a 5MP macro camera. Just like the Galaxy A54. And the A53. And the A52… and the A51.

No offense, but when the 5MP macro option was introduced on the Galaxy A51, it was exciting. Mainly because the main camera could record in 4K. The previous mid-ranger, the Galaxy A50, could only manage FullHD resolution. Not saying the 5MP macro camera is old, but it’s from a time when 4K was a big deal on a $350 phone.

So, no telephoto? According to the GalaxyClub’s report, many were hoping that 2024 could be the year Samsung ditches the 5MP macro option. Maybe they’d go for a telephoto unit instead? Nope, not happening for the Galaxy A55.

The other three cameras? The main one will likely have a 50MP sensor. The ultra-wide – a 12MP sensor. And the front-facing camera – a 32MP sensor.

What else? Well, the Galaxy A55 could be just the ticket for many users. Especially those not interested in Apple’s iPhone SE 4, Google’s Pixel 7a, or that budget-friendly phone from Nothing. Not to mention the countless Chinese beasts.

The chipset that’ll power the Galaxy A55 – the Exynos 1480 – was recently found in the Geekbench database. The test results look good, showing improvements in both single-core and multi-core CPU tests compared to the Galaxy A54.

In other words, the yet-to-be-released Galaxy A55 is already flexing over the Galaxy A54 in terms of CPU performance. Especially in multi-core CPU performance. According to reports, the Exynos 1480 has four high-performance CPU cores clocked at 2.75GHz and four power-efficient ones at 2.05GHz.

As for the GPU, the Galaxy A55 will likely have an Xclipse 530 GPU. It’s based on the older AMD RDNA2 graphics architecture (from the Galaxy S22 series), but it should be better than the Mali GPU from the Galaxy A54.

Release dates? Nothing official from Samsung yet. But users can probably expect an unveiling in March 2024.

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Derrick Flynn
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