Galaxy S24 FE Release Delayed: What to Know

What you should know

  • The Galaxy S24 FE’s release has been delayed, with expectations now set for it to launch no earlier than late autumn, potentially stretching into early 2025.
  • The device will feature a rigid OLED display with chip-on-film (COF) packaging, offering advantages such as enhanced design flexibility, simplified repairs, and improved heat dissipation compared to the traditional chip-on-glass (COG) technology.
  • Despite earlier speculations, the Galaxy S24 FE will not be unveiled alongside the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6 at the summer Galaxy Unpacked event.
  • Samsung‘s Galaxy S24 FE, internally code-named R12, follows the naming convention of previous Fan Edition models, indicating its place as the fourth model in the S24 series after the S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra.

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Oh, Samsung aficionados, brace yourselves. The wait for the Galaxy S24 FE is gonna stretch a tad longer. You know, that Fan Edition vibe we all dig? Yeah, that.

So, there’s this buzz from Galaxy Club in the Netherlands. Every so often, they drop some juicy leaks that catch our eyes. And this time, it’s about the Galaxy S24 FE. Not exactly hush-hush since we kinda spilled the beans back in April. We were all hyped about its post-summer reveal, right after the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6 make their grand entrance.

Here’s the scoop on the tech side: the S24 FE might flaunt a rigid OLED screen. It’s all fancy with this chip-on-film (COF) tech. Basically, it’s a bit more of a headache to make than the usual chip-on-glass (COG) stuff. Why? COF slaps the display driver on a flexible film before it gets cozy with the display panel. Sounds cool, right? It’s all about making the design more flexible, easing repairs, and getting rid of that annoying heat faster than COG can.

But hey, remember when we thought the S24 FE might pop up with the foldables at the summer Galaxy Unpacked event? Yeah, scratch that. Turns out, the universe has other plans for its debut.

Latest word on the street is that the Galaxy S24 FE is definitely on the horizon. But, it’s playing hard to get, not showing up anytime soon. Samsung’s got this whole timeline, launching the S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra earlier. Now, they’re cooking up this fourth model, the S24 FE, codenamed R12. They’ve got a whole naming rhythm going on, with past Fan Editions tagged from R8 to R11. Except, oops, the S22 FE got ghosted, never making it past the R10 dream.

Expectations? Don’t hold your breath for the S24 FE to grace us with its presence until late autumn. Heck, it might even play coy till early 2025. Kinda gives you déjà vu with the S23 FE’s fashionably late entrance in select spots at the tail end of 2023, only reaching the rest of us in the early days of 2024.

So, there you have it. A mix of anticipation, tech jargon, and a tad bit of disappointment. But hey, that’s the tech world for ya—always keeping us on our toes.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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