Galaxy S24 Lacks Two-Way Satellite SOS Connectivity: Déjà vu

What you should know

  • As of February 2023, the Galaxy S23 series did not have satellite connectivity, with Samsung‘s MX unit head TM Roh stating that the technology was “too limited”.
  • A year later, there are still no signs of satellite connectivity on the Galaxy S24 series, according to a report from ETNews.
  • The report also states that Samsung is currently testing the Galaxy S24 with three South Korean network operators – KT, LG Uplus, and SK Telecom – and there is no mention of two-way satellite connectivity on the phone.
  • However, there were rumors two weeks ago that the Galaxy S24 could feature an emergency satellite connection, allowing users to send emergency texts via satellite when out of range or not connected to a mobile network.

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February 2023 kicked off without any sign of satellite connectivity on the freshly launched Galaxy S23 series. TM Roh, the big boss of Samsung’s MX unit, was pretty blunt about it. He said the satellite functionality was “too limited” for the time being. His exact words? “When there is the right timing, infrastructure, and the technology [is] ready, then of course for Samsung Galaxy, for our mobile division, we would also actively consider adopting this feature as well”.

Fast forward a year. We’re on the cusp of hearing the same spiel for the Galaxy S24 series. No satellite connectivity, according to a new report (SamMobile’s the source).

This report, originating from ETNews, spills the beans on Samsung’s current testing phase. Samsung’s roped in the three big South Korean network operators – KT, LG Uplus, and SK Telecom. They’re putting the Galaxy S24 Ultra through its paces on their cellular networks. Samsung’s being all hush-hush, delivering the Galaxy S24 Ultra disguised as a lunch box to keep its looks under wraps.

But here’s the kicker. The report suggests there’s “no mention of two-way satellite connectivity on the phone”. Not the best news for folks eagerly waiting for this feature.

Hold up, wasn’t satellite connectivity on the Galaxy S24 a sure thing? Well, your memory’s not playing tricks on you. Just a fortnight ago, whispers of an emergency satellite connection on the new Galaxy line were making rounds.

A leaked screenshot hinted at what Samsung might dub an ‘Emergency texts via satellite’ feature on the Galaxy S24. Imagine being out of range or disconnected from a mobile network in an emergency. With this feature, you could send an emergency text via satellite.

This could be a game-changer. You’d be able to send crucial information about your location, or your GPS coordinates to emergency response teams. As of now, there’s no word on whether this satellite emergency connectivity will be chip-specific (Exynos or Snapdragon) in the Galaxy S24 line. The report suggests it’ll likely be available on both SoC variants.

As for where this feature will first be available and its future expansion, that’s still up in the air. For comparison, Apple’s Emergency SOS via satellite feature was initially limited to the US and Canada. It later made its way to France, Germany, Ireland, the UK, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, and Switzerland.

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