Galaxy S24 ProVisual Engine: AI-Enhanced Photography Power with New Features

What you should know

  • Samsung‘s new Galaxy S24 series boasts impressive photography capabilities, including a 50MP 5x telephoto camera and a range of new AI features.
  • The ProVisual Engine in the Galaxy S24 series is a comprehensive suite of AI-powered tools designed to enhance various aspects of photography, including night photography, noise performance, zoom quality, color reproduction, and HDR imaging.
  • The Galaxy S24 Ultra features a larger pixel size compared to its predecessor, allowing for better low-light performance. It also has improved hand-shake compensation and a Dedicated ISP Block for noise reduction in video recording.
  • The Galaxy S24 series also offers AI-powered editing options, including the ability to eliminate reflections, fill in tilted photos, and move objects within the frame. The Edit Suggestion feature uses AI to recommend adjustments for each photo, with a watermark indicating when AI has been used.
  • The new Instant Slow-mo feature allows for smoother slowdown of fast-paced videos, and there is improved support for HDR shooting, including an HDR preview and compatibility with third-party apps.

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Samsung’s latest, the Galaxy S24 series, is here, and boy, is it a head-turner. The real scene-stealer? Its photography capabilities. But it’s not just about the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s camera setup, which now flaunts a 50MP 5x telephoto camera. Nope. It’s the new photography AI features that are making waves.

The photography features have been given a leg up with the new ProVisual Engine. This bad boy is said to enhance a bunch of things – night photography, noise performance, zoom quality, color reproduction, and HDR (High Dynamic Range) imaging. It’s a bit of a game-changer.

The ProVisual Engine in the Galaxy S24 series is a complete package of AI-powered tools. These aren’t just for taking better pictures. They’re for the entire process, from setting up a shot to sharing it on your favorite social media platform.

And let’s talk about the Nightography capabilities of the Galaxy S24 series. These ensure your photos and videos taken with Space Zoom look great in any lighting condition, even when zoomed in. The Galaxy S24 Ultra has a larger pixel size compared to the Galaxy S23 Ultra, now at 1.4 μm, which is 60% bigger. This means it captures more light in dim conditions, enhancing low-light performance.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra also takes on blur with a broader optical image stabilizer (OIS) range and improved hand-shake compensation. And the video recording? It’s been given a boost too. Both front and rear cameras feature a Dedicated ISP Block for noise reduction. The Galaxy S24 uses gyro information analysis to tell the difference between the filmmaker’s movement and the subject’s, enabling more efficient noise removal. This leads to clearer videos, even in low-light conditions and from a good distance.

The ProVisual Engine doesn’t just help you take the perfect shot. It also makes the photo editing process smoother. With the Galaxy S24 series, Galaxy AI automatically suggests editing options for photos in your gallery. For instance, you can get rid of reflections from the image with just one button press.

Image Credit–Samsung

Plus, you can fill out a photo. If the photo is tilted, the AI will automatically fill in the borders. You can even move a person or object within the frame and have the background seamlessly filled in. The Edit Suggestion feature uses Galaxy AI to recommend the right adjustments for each photo. And to keep things transparent, whenever the Galaxy S24 uses generative AI to enhance an image, a watermark will appear on the image and in the metadata. This way, you know that AI has been used, promoting transparency in the editing process.

But wait, there’s more. If you have a fast-paced video that needs to be slowed down, the new Instant Slow-mo feature can generate additional frames based on movements. This leads to a smoother slowdown of action-packed moments, giving you a more detailed and visually engaging look.

HDR shooting has also been improved, and the SuperHDR feature now comes with an HDR preview. This lets you preview how the photo will look before you actually capture it. Plus, there’s support for HDR shooting in third-party apps like Instagram and Snapchat, as well as enhancements to the HDR gallery for a better viewing experience.

So, it’s clear that AI is the star of the show in the new photography features of the Galaxy S24 series. Whether it’s on-device capabilities or cloud-based features, these smartphones are chock-full of AI in multiple ways.

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