Galaxy S24 Ultra Camera Samples Compared to S23 Ultra and iPhone 15 Pro Max

What you should know

  • The Samsung Galaxy S24 series has been officially launched, with the Galaxy S24 Ultra offering the highest quality features in the lineup.
  • The Galaxy S24 Ultra features a new 50MP 5X telephoto camera, which is compared to the 10MP 10X telephoto on the Galaxy S23 Ultra and the 12MP 5X on the iPhone 15 Pro Max. All these cameras have a periscope lens for high zoom capabilities.
  • Samsung has introduced a new color tuning solution in the Galaxy S24 Ultra, which is designed to make colors appear more natural and true to life.
  • Initial tests suggest that the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s camera performs well at 10x zoom, and its color representation is more natural compared to previous models. A more in-depth test of the camera system is planned for the future.

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Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series is now official. The whole lineup is getting a dose of AI magic to boost its camera system, but it’s the Galaxy S24 Ultra that’s the cream of the crop.

Update alert! We’ve got some samples from the main camera. Here’s how they stack up against the Galaxy S23 Ultra and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We were curious about the new 50MP 5X telephoto camera. We wanted to see how it compared to the 10MP 10X telephoto on the Galaxy S23 Ultra, and the 12MP 5X on the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

All of these cameras have a periscope lens. This nifty feature lets them zoom in big time without being physically big or hogging space.

We also had our eye on the new color tuning solution. It’s supposed to make colors look more natural and true to life. But hold your horses, let’s check out the samples first.

You don’t need to be a genius to see that Samsung wasn’t fibbing about the Galaxy S24’s natural colors. Sure, it’s hard to tell in an artificially lit environment. And yeah, these are just quick snapshots from our hands-on experience with the phone.

But it seems that the days of overly saturated and contrasty looks are over. The new 5X telephoto camera? From what we can tell from indoor photos, it’s holding its own at 10x zoom. It’s doing just as well as its predecessor’s dedicated 10x snapper, and it’s outperforming the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

We’re planning a proper deep-dive test of this and the rest of the camera system. So don’t be a stranger, drop by again to see how the S24 Ultra stacks up against its rivals.

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