Galaxy S24 Ultra Mystery: Apple-Influenced Samsung Keeps Galaxy Note Design Alive

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  • The author is critical of Samsung‘s decision to follow Apple‘s iPhone design strategy, which they believe has resulted in more iterative designs than necessary.
  • Despite this criticism, the author acknowledges that there is satisfaction in seeing a design mature over time, with subtle changes making a significant difference in the feel and use of the device.
  • Leaked images of the Galaxy S24 Ultra suggest Samsung is continuing to follow this design strategy, with a brushed titanium frame and flat screen similar to recent iPhone models.
  • The author suggests that while this design strategy has taught Samsung and its fans to be patient for upgrades, it may not be enough for those who want to see more significant changes and innovations in design.

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I can’t say I’m a huge fan of Samsung’s recent move to mimic Apple’s iPhone design strategy. Sure, I value some consistency in a phone lineup, but I think Apple’s current iPhone design is a bit too repetitive. Samsung seems to be following suit, especially with the launch of the Galaxy S22 series.

However, there’s a certain satisfaction in witnessing a single design evolve over time. Take the iPhone 15 series, for instance. Despite its striking resemblance to the iPhone 12 series, it feels quite different, thanks to subtle changes that might go unnoticed by many.

Now, I’m getting a similar vibe from the upcoming Galaxy S24 series of flagships, particularly the Galaxy S24 Ultra. I must admit, I’m more of a fan than a critic. But it’s a close call, maybe a 65/35 split. Samsung’s design of the new Galaxy S24 Ultra is reminiscent of Apple, and surprisingly, I don’t hate it.

Leaked images of the Galaxy S24 Ultra reveal a brushed titanium frame and an almost completely flat screen. Based on these leaks and rumors, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is expected to adopt a new brushed titanium frame, not unlike the iPhone 15 Pro. The leaked renders suggest Samsung is opting for a “professional” color palette, quite similar to the iPhone 14 Pro series.

There’s a subtle but significant change in the design of the Galaxy S24 Ultra. It’s getting Samsung’s flattest premium flagship display in a long time. The actual display area of the S24 Ultra appears 100% flat. Another long-awaited design change is the symmetrical bezels on Samsung’s premium flagship for the first time.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra’s leaked color selection mirrors that of last year’s iPhone 14 Pro, with a new hero color – purple. The design of the Galaxy S24 Ultra, which looks largely identical to the Galaxy S23 Ultra, might not excite everyone. However, the subtle changes Samsung is implementing seem very intentional. It’s like Samsung has mastered Apple’s strategy of adding obvious upgrades one by one instead of a complete overhaul.

But not everyone loves this approach. Some folks, especially on tech Twitter, crave a new Galaxy/iPhone that excites them. For example, the Galaxy S6 Edge, the iPhone X, and the Pixel 6 Pro were all exciting in their time. So, what about these more “enthusiastic” smartphone users?

Why not add a little spice by incorporating the same button/frame design seen in the leaked Galaxy A55 renders to the Galaxy S24, Samsung? This might not be a complete redesign, but it could make the flagship phones feel fresher and a bit more edgy.

One thing that bugs me about the design of the Galaxy S24 Ultra is that even though Samsung is switching to a titanium frame, the Galaxy S24 Ultra isn’t expected to get lighter. Let’s hope this isn’t true, because the 20g Apple shaved off the iPhone 15 Pro Max makes it much more comfortable to hold than the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

I won’t tire of repeating this: the S-Pen slot and S Pen must go. I think smartphone styluses were intriguing a decade ago, but it’s almost 2024 now. Few will miss the S Pen, which takes up valuable space in the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Is it time to try an under-display selfie camera, Samsung? I understand this would be a carefully calculated decision. Giving up the standard selfie camera for an UD solution would result in a dip in quality. But someone should eventually make the ultimate all-screen phone, right?

Despite “killing off” the Galaxy Note a few years ago, the Galaxy S24 Ultra looks a lot like what the Galaxy Note 24 Ultra would’ve looked like. This raises the question: “Will Samsung ever give up the design of the square Galaxy Note disguised as a Galaxy S?”

In conclusion, I’m liking the Galaxy S24 Ultra design quite a bit more than the S23 Ultra despite the subtle changes. But this doesn’t mean I’m a fan of the Galaxy Ultra design as a whole. The Galaxy S24 Ultra is still very much the “Galaxy Note” flagship Samsung “discontinued” but really kept around in the form of the premium S series flagship.

If I had to rank the top dogs in terms of functional design, I’d say the Pixel 8 Pro comes out on top as the most comfortable flagship to hold and use with one hand, then the iPhone 15 Pro Max, and then the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Aesthetics are subjective, but in case you’re wondering, I’d pick the Porcelain Pixel 8 Pro over the other two once again.

But what do you think? Is Samsung doing enough to make the Galaxy S24 Ultra an attractive offer? It’s probably not aimed at people who already have a recent flagship like the Galaxy S23 Ultra. But what about people rocking the Galaxy S22 Ultra, S21 Ultra, or something older? Are you tempted to upgrade?

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Derrick Flynn
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