Galaxy S24 Ultra Review: My Experience and Why You Should Try It

What you should know


  • The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra features a 6.8-inch AMOLED screen, Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, an S Pen, slight camera upgrades from its predecessor, and a titanium-coated frame.
  • Its Gorilla Glass Armor offers ultra-low reflectivity, enhancing display visibility even in bright conditions, and the device includes advanced AI features for photo editing and article summarization.
  • While the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s audio quality and battery life may not meet all expectations, its performance in daily tasks and creative work is highly praised.
  • The camera system, despite some challenges in difficult lighting conditions, is generally reliable and produces high-quality photos, making the Galaxy S24 Ultra a solid choice for photography enthusiasts.


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Oh, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. It waltzed into our office this February, and let me tell you, it was love at first sight. The moment it aced our tests and benchmarks, I claimed it as my own. That new screen glass? Absolutely enchanting. And the AI features? Color me intrigued.

I was just getting over my affair with the ROG Phone 8 Pro. And the iPhone? Not even a blip on my radar. It was time to rekindle my romance with the S Pen. So, what’s the scoop on the Galaxy S24 Ultra? It’s a beast of a phone. Boasting a 6.8-inch AMOLED screen and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 that’s nothing short of superpowered. Oh, and it comes with an S Pen snugly tucked inside. The camera’s got a bit of an upgrade from last year, and there’s this titanium… something or other, coating its frame.

Our original review dove deep into the nitty-gritty – measurements, camera tests, benchmarks, you name it. But here? We’re getting into the real meat of the matter. How does this phone hold up in the wild? As a day-to-day smartphone, an organizer, a social media tool, a camera, an entertainment machine.

And, okay, it’s got titanium. But honestly? I’m not sold on the material. What I am sold on, though, is the design. Samsung really hit the nail on the head with the Galaxy S23 Ultra and just kept on improving. Remember the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, the S21 Ultra, and the S22 Ultra? Stellar phones, all of them. But I never got attached. Their soft sides and slippery backs? No, thank you. I prefer my phones naked or with a slim case, and those just didn’t cut it.

But the Galaxy S23 Ultra? That one got it right. Its slightly flattened sides and sharp corners make it a dream to hold. Sure, I’ve had a few heart-stopping moments when it almost slipped from my grasp. But overall, it’s pretty grippy. And that fully flat display? It’s brought me back to my S Pen doodling days. Ah, how I’ve missed that.

Now, let’s talk about that screen. The new Gorilla Glass Armor is something else. Its ultra-low reflectivity is a game-changer, making the display pop even in broad daylight. At first, I was mesmerized. And guess what? I still am. That said, there was a bit of a hiccup with the Eye Comfort Shield feature at launch. Made the colors a tad dull for my taste. But Samsung’s on it, tweaking things to get it just right. Me? I’ve got the Eye Comfort and Adaptive Color Tone features on. Keeps the colors nice and warm, just the way I like it.

And can we talk about the fingerprint sensor? Lightning fast. A simple tap is all it takes. Even works if your hands are a bit messy. Though, honestly, maybe just clean your hands first.

But the audio? Eh, it’s okay. Not the best, not the worst. After coming from the ROG Phone 8 Pro, I kinda miss the 3.5 mm headphone jack. Call me old-fashioned, but there’s something about that “archaic” tech. And the EQ settings on Samsung phones? Just… don’t. It’s more trouble than it’s worth.

Performance-wise, though, this phone is a beast. Editing videos, making thumbnails, taking notes – it handles it all like a champ. And that feature where you can crop out a subject from a photo and save it as a .PNG? Genius. Makes whipping up a YouTube thumbnail a breeze.

I’ve had it in Light Performance Profile mode since day one. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 inside is more than up to the task, keeping everything smooth and snappy. And if it means squeezing out a bit more battery life and keeping the phone cooler? I’m all for it.

Speaking of battery life, it’s… alright. Gets me through the day, but I find myself reaching for the charger more often than I’d like. And the charging speed? Could be better. After getting used to lightning-fast charging on other phones, this feels a tad slow.

Now, onto the AI features. Everyone’s talking about AI and Machine Learning, but do they live up to the hype? The Galaxy S24 Ultra has a few tricks up its sleeve. The Internet Browser’s article summarizing feature? Pretty slick. And the Recorder’s transcripts and summarization come in handy during those never-ending meetings.

But then there’s the Live Translate and generative AI editor. Great concepts, but they’re just not there yet. I even did a “Guess the AI edit” article a while back. Fun times.

Alright, let’s dive into the camera. Why did I save it for last? Maybe because it’s what we all expected – great, but with a few quirks. It sailed through the PhoneArena Camera Benchmark and gave us some solid initial samples.

I’ve been putting it through its paces, taking it to MWC and all. Compared to the iPhone 15 Pro in the chaotic, unpredictable lighting of a show floor? The Galaxy S24 Ultra struggled a bit. Our footage from the Nothing Phone (2a) presentation? Let’s just say the HDR algorithms were a bit… confused.

But don’t get me wrong. For everyday use? It’s more than capable. I’ve captured plenty of memories with it, and it’s become my go-to for comparing other phone cameras. It’s reliable, predictable, and I’m more than happy to use it for my side projects. To make up for that earlier mishap, here are some shots I’m actually proud of:

So, should you buy the Galaxy S24 Ultra? If you’ve got cash burning a hole in your pocket and your current phone just bit the dust, then sure, it’s a solid choice. But if you’re rocking a Galaxy S23 Ultra or even an S22 Ultra? Maybe hold off. Samsung’s flagships are just that good. But hey, there’s always the Galaxy S25 Ultra to look forward to next year!

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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