Gemini Android Update: Enhanced with Floating Responses and Live Task Prompts

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  • Gemini is introducing the ability to display responses in a floating window, allowing users to continue using their current app without interruption.
  • Another upcoming feature for Gemini on Android is the ability to schedule commands, enabling reminders and routines similar to Google Assistant.
  • The introduction of “Live prompts” will allow users to set Gemini to perform certain tasks at specific times, enhancing its utility as a virtual assistant.
  • These developments suggest Google’s significant investment in AI and indicate potential announcements at the upcoming Google I/O event.


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Oh boy, it’s a buzzing day for all the Android folks out there, especially if you’re into Gemini. We’ve got some juicy tidbits, not officially out of the Google oven yet, but hey, who can resist a sneak peek? So, there’s this thing I stumbled upon, thanks to the sleuths over at PiunikaWeb (big shoutout to AssembleDebug for the spot). They’ve unearthed this nifty trick Gemini’s about to pull off – picture this: asking Gemini a question and getting the answer in a cute little floating window. No more full-screen takeovers. It’s like how Google Assistant does its magic, but, you know, Gemini style.

Now, imagine you’re deep into scrolling through your favorite app, and bam, you need Gemini. Instead of the usual app-hopping dance, you stay put, and Gemini pops up, all casual like. It’s pretty neat, right? And just when you think, “That’s cool, but what else?” Boom. There’s more.

Thanks to the folks at Android Authority, who teamed up with AssembleDebug, we’ve got the scoop on another gem. Gemini is gearing up to let you schedule commands. They’re calling it “Live prompts,” and it’s like setting an alarm, but for tasks. Think about telling Gemini to remind you to check the weather before you dash out the door in the morning. It’s like having a personal assistant who’s always one step ahead.

Now, let’s not forget, this could be a total game-changer. Gemini is stepping up, maybe even giving Google Assistant a run for its money. Imagine switching from Assistant to Gemini because it just gets you. Setting up routines, getting reminders – it’s the stuff we’ve been missing.

And with Google doubling down on AI, shaking things up with some internal reshuffling, it’s not too far-fetched to think we’ll be hearing more about this at Google I/O next month. I’m all ears, waiting to see how Gemini will evolve. Will it become the go-to virtual buddy for Android users? Only time will tell, but I’m here for it, ready to be wowed.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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