Global AirTag Units Simultaneously Updated Due to Apple Error

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  • Apple staggers the release of AirTag firmware updates to prevent overwhelming their computer systems, but accidentally set the deployment date for the 2.0.73 update to “m/d/24” instead of “m/d/2024”.
  • This error caused AirTags to interpret the deployment date as the year 24, leading to a simultaneous rollout of the update to all units worldwide.
  • Apple has not provided a detailed changelog for the 2.0.73 firmware update, leaving users uncertain about the changes it brings to their AirTag trackers.
  • A lawsuit has been filed against Apple in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, accusing the AirTag of enabling criminals to stalk victims, which the court refused to dismiss based on claims of negligence and product liability.


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Apple’s got a plan to avoid crashing their systems. They release AirTag updates in waves. Smart, huh? But, oh boy, did someone goof up big time. A tweet from @iSWUpdates spilled the beans. They set the AirTag 2.0.73 update for “m/d/24.” Yep, not “2024,” but “24.” A typo? Muscle memory? Who knows.

Turns out, this tiny mistake caused a big headache at Apple. Because of it, AirTags got confused. They thought it was the year 24. Imagine that! So, they just rolled out the update to everyone. All at once. Worldwide. Talk about an “oops” moment.

And about the update itself? Apple’s being all mysterious. No changelog, no hints. Just a surprise update. It’s the first one since last October. Updating your AirTag is easy, though. Just keep it near your iPhone, wander around with the Find My app open, and bam! It should update.

In other news, Apple’s in a bit of legal hot water. A lawsuit in California is accusing AirTags of being a stalker’s best friend. Not good. Judge Vince Chhabria said the case has legs, citing negligence and product liability claims against Apple. So, yeah, not just a typo problem for Apple right now.

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