Gmail Android Select All Button Expanding Availability

What you should know

  • The Gmail app for Android has introduced a “Select All” feature, which was previously only available on the desktop version.
  • The new feature was first noticed in September, but its availability was limited until recently. Now, it seems to be rolling out widely.
  • To use the Select All feature, users need to long-press on one email or tap on the sender’s avatar, then navigate to the top of the screen and tap on the Select All button.
  • The feature is functional across all views, including search results, inboxes, and categories, and allows users to perform various actions such as deleting, archiving, labeling, or marking emails as read.

Full Story

Managing emails on Gmail for Android can feel like a chore. Why? There’s no “Select All” option. Unlike the desktop version, which has had this feature for ages, the app makes you tap each email one by one to delete, archive, or move them.

But, things are changing. Google’s finally added a “Select All” button to the Android Gmail app. It seems like it’s rolling out widely now.

Some eagle-eyed users spotted this new feature back in September. Hidden flags hinted at Google developing it. But, it wasn’t widely available until recently. More and more users started sharing their sightings on Reddit.

Android Police has done some digging. They’ve tested it on different devices and accounts. And guess what? The “Select All” feature is now live on the Gmail app for Android, no matter the app version.

The Select All feature is a breeze to use. Want to select all the emails in a view? Just long-press on one email or tap on the sender’s avatar. Then, go to the top of the screen and tap on the Select All button. Easy peasy!

You can do a bunch of stuff, like delete, archive, label, or mark as read. And it works across all views, including search results, inboxes, and categories.

The Gmail app for Android just leveled up with this new feature. Alongside its existing features, this update is a game-changer. It’s about time Google introduced a feature that’s both basic and user-friendly.

Sure, it took them a while. But hey, better late than never, right? If you haven’t seen the Select All option yet, make sure to update your Gmail app to the latest version. Trust me, it’s worth a look.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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