Google AI Chatbot Bard Set to Launch on Google Messages

What you should know

  • Google is set to introduce its AI-boosted Assistant, Bard, to more applications, including Google Messages.
  • According to code detective Assemble Debug, Bard is being prepared for use in Google Messages, where it can help users write messages, translate languages, identify images, and delve into various interests.
  • Unlike regular RCS chats, conversations with Bard will not be end-to-end encrypted, and the data from these chats will be stored for 18 months. Users are advised not to share messages with Bard that they wouldn’t want Google or a reviewer to access.
  • Google is providing an option to manage and delete Bard Activity. If a user decides to turn off Bard Activity, their chats will only be saved for 72 hours.

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Google’s at the forefront of the AI scene. They’re making waves with their upcoming AI-boosted Assistant, Bard.

This new Assistant is set to replace the current one on supported Android devices. And guess what? Bard’s reach might be extending further than we thought.

Tipster and code detective Assemble Debug (via Android Authority) has spilled some interesting info. It seems Bard is prepping for a debut in Google Messages.

Bard was spotted in the beta version 20240111_04_RC00 of the Messages app. This suggests users might soon be able to start RCS chats with Bard right in Google Messages. They might even be able to add Bard to group chats.

Screenshots show Bard’s capabilities. It can help users write messages, translate languages, identify images, and explore various interests. It even studies your location and past chats to craft better responses. But here’s a word of caution: Google says Bard might not always be accurate, so it’s smart to double-check its responses.

There’s more to the story. Code lines from the beta reveal that you need to be 18 to use Bard in Google Messages. And here’s a twist: Bard chats won’t have end-to-end encryption like regular RCS chats.

Google’s pretty upfront about it. They say Bard chats and related data will stick around for 18 months. Plus, you should avoid sharing messages with Bard that you wouldn’t want a reviewer or Google to see.

The fine print states that reviewed data, while separated from your account, can be stored for up to three years. But don’t worry, Google’s giving you an option to turn off, manage, and delete your Bard Activity.

If you decide to turn Bard Activity off, your chats will only be saved for 72 hours. As of now, the feature isn’t working on Google Messages. But Bard’s arrival in the messaging app seems imminent. Clues of its integration were found almost a year ago, and it looks like the final stages are upon us.

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