Google Aims to Make Phone Conversations More Emoji-Like With New Feature

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  • Google’s Phone app introduces a new feature called “Audio Emoji,” allowing users to play sound effects during calls.
  • The feature offers six emoji options for sound effects, including clapping, laughter, a party horn, crying, a poop emoji, and the “ba dum tss” sting.
  • Audio Emoji aims to add a playful and personalized touch to phone conversations, enhancing emotional expression.
  • Users can access Audio Emoji through a button in the overflow menu or a chip in the main calling screen, with options to disable it or limit usage to prevent annoyance.


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Oh boy, Google’s at it again. This time, they’re jazzing up the Phone app with something they’re calling “Audio Emoji.” Imagine, mid-call, dropping a sound bomb of laughter or, wait for it, a poop sound. Yup, you heard that right.

So, 9to5Google spilled the beans that this feature’s sneaking into the beta version of the Google Phone app. That’s version 128 for those keeping score. And guess what? It’s expected to hit the masses in just a few weeks. Talk about anticipation!

Rewind to last September, and some eagle-eyed folks at AssembleDebug caught a glimpse of this under the moniker “Sound Reaction.” Fast forward to February, and it’s all fleshed out and ready to roll.

Here’s the skinny on how it works. You’re gabbing away on a call, right? Suddenly, you wanna throw in a sound of clapping, or maybe a party horn to spice things up. Pick one of six emoji options, and bam, both you and your call buddy get an earful of that sound effect.

Google’s even thrown in a little tutorial in the Phone app’s settings. They’re saying, hey, use these Audio Emojis to sprinkle some fun into your chats. Might sound a bit out there, but hey, it’s all about making those calls a tad more you.

Getting to these sound nuggets is a breeze. Look for a button in the overflow menu or catch the chip that pops up when you’re on the main calling screen. And if it all gets too much? Google’s got your back with an off switch for the feature.

But don’t go wild just yet. There’s a catch. After you play a sound, you gotta wait a bit before you can unleash another. Probably for the best, considering not everyone’s gonna appreciate a poop sound mid-conversation, right?

It’s gonna be a hoot seeing how Android users get creative with this. And for those on the other end without Audio Emoji? Their reactions are gonna be priceless. Definitely some LOL moments ahead.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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