Google and Texas Antitrust Court Showdown Scheduled for March 2025

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  • US District Judge Sean Jordan has scheduled March 2025 for the start of a lawsuit accusing Google of abusing its market dominance for advertising technology systems. The lawsuit was filed by Texas and other states.
  • The attorneys for Texas had requested an earlier trial date in August 2024, arguing that any delay would allow Google to continue abusing its market power. However, Google’s lawyers wanted a trial after April 2025.
  • The Texas coalition accused Google of violating antitrust laws to curb competition for digital advertising and boost its own business. Similar claims are being pressed by advertisers, publishers, and small businesses in a separate legal proceeding in Manhattan.
  • Google is also facing other legal battles, including a trial in Washington over allegations that it paid billions of dollars to tech companies to unlawfully maintain its dominance for online search, and a lawsuit from “Fortnite” maker Epic Games in California related to its app store Play.

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Judge Sean Jordan of the US District Court has marked March 2025 on his calendar. This is when a lawsuit brought by Texas and other states against Google will commence. The accusation? Google’s alleged abuse of its dominant market position in advertising technology systems (as reported by Reuters).

Jury selection for this federal trial, estimated to span four weeks, is slated for March 31, 2025. The location? Plano, Texas. But here’s the thing. This isn’t the date that Texas attorneys had in mind.

They had pleaded with the judge to set the trial for August 2024. They argued that any delay would play right into Google’s hands. In their words, it would allow Google to “abuse its market power for longer, at the expense of American consumers.” Google’s lawyers, on the other hand, were pushing for a trial date post-April 2025.

When word of the trial plans got out, Google was quick to deny any wrongdoing. They labeled Texas’ case as “deeply flawed”. The Texas coalition, which filed the lawsuit back in 2020, begs to differ. They claim Google violated antitrust laws to stifle competition in digital advertising and give its business a leg up.

But that’s not all. Advertisers, publishers, and small businesses are singing the same tune. They’re pressing similar charges in a separate coordinated legal proceeding in Manhattan. And let’s not forget the U.S. Justice Department. They sued Google in Alexandria, Virginia, last year.

Google’s legal woes don’t end there. They’re already in the hot seat in a Washington federal court. A US judge heard antitrust claims last year from the Justice Department. The allegations? Google has paid billions to tech companies to unlawfully maintain its dominance in online search. The closing arguments for this non-jury trial are scheduled for May.

And then there’s California. Google is set to go head-to-head with “Fortnite” creator Epic Games. The bone of contention? Epic Games’ bid for a court order that could force Google to tweak its app store Play. A jury in December ruled that Google had unlawfully harmed competition.

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