Google Assistant supports select smartphones for texter’s block and meme culture.

What you should know

– Google announced a new smarter version of Assistant called Bard
– Bard aims to provide high-quality responses to complex questions
– Assistant with Bard will be integrated with services like Gmail, Google Drive, and Docs
– Pixel 8 and 8 Pro, and Galaxy S24 series will be the first devices to get revamped Assistant

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Google recently announced an upgraded version of Google Assistant called Bard, designed to tackle more complex queries. While the current Assistant is suitable for basic tasks, Bard aims to provide high-quality responses and a more intuitive experience. It will also integrate with popular services like Gmail, Google Drive, and Docs for a personalized touch. Initial reports suggest that the Pixel 8/8 Pro and the upcoming Galaxy S24 series will be the first devices to receive this enhanced Assistant.

Furthermore, it seems that only Tensor-powered phones (such as the Pixel 6 and later Google devices) will initially support Assistant with Bard. Following this, Galaxy S23 owners will also gain access to the smarter personal assistant. However, the testing phase is expected to be an “opt-in experience,” potentially part of Google Labs.

The Google app beta version 14.41 provides examples of potential queries that users can ask Assistant with Bard. These queries cover various topics, from explaining rainbows to drafting job acceptance emails or creating social media posts. The aim is to make Bard accessible and helpful in a wide range of scenarios.

In addition to its improved capabilities, Assistant with Bard is expected to roll out gradually to more devices after the initial release. Users can look forward to a smarter, more conversational experience with Google Assistant as it evolves with Bard’s generative AI technology.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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