Google-Branded Watch Appears in FCC Filing, Unlikely to Be Pixel Watch 3

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  • Google is reportedly working on a new smartwatch powered by Wear OS, as indicated by a recent FCC listing, but it may not be the anticipated Pixel Watch 3.
  • The rumored Pixel Watch 3 is expected to come in two sizes and feature UWB technology for easier phone unlocking, but the device in the FCC filing lacks UWB, suggesting it’s a different product.
  • Speculation arises that the device could either be a mid-range “Pixel Watch 2a” to accompany the Pixel 8a or a new Fitbit device, given Google’s acquisition of Fitbit.
  • Details about this new Wear OS device are expected to be revealed at the upcoming Google I/O, as leaks and rumors become harder to contain.


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Google’s been cooking up something new in the smartwatch kitchen, it seems. Details about a Wear OS-powered device popped up in a recent FCC listing. But, hold your horses, it doesn’t look like the much-anticipated Pixel Watch 3. This tidbit has left us scratching our heads, wondering what Google’s got up its sleeve.

The scoop comes from 9to5Google, who stumbled upon the FCC device listing today. It’s just another breadcrumb leading to Google’s rumored feast of new devices set to debut this year. Word on the street was that Google planned to unveil the Pixel Watch 3 in two sizes. They were supposedly going to launch it alongside the Pixel 9 series phones this fall.

Digging deeper, APK breakdowns hinted at Google gearing up to integrate UWB (Ultra-Wideband) tech into the Pixel Watch 3. Imagine unlocking your phone with just a flick of your wrist. Cool, right? However, this new smartwatch in the FCC files, dubbed model number G4SKY, seems to be missing UWB capabilities. This detail pretty much rules it out as the Pixel Watch 3.

Plus, it’s too early for the Pixel Watch 3 to be making its FCC debut if we’re not expecting it until later in the year. So, what in the world could this mystery Wear OS device be? A wild guess might point to a mid-range Pixel Watch. Maybe they’ll call it the “Pixel Watch 2a,” as some have speculated. This device could potentially launch with the Pixel 8a, rumored to be announced at Google I/O next month.

Or, plot twist, what if this isn’t a Pixel watch at all? Perhaps we’re looking at a Fitbit device. Given Google’s track record with hardware leaks, it’s peculiar that this device has flown under the radar. The mystery surrounding this new device just got thicker.

The silver lining? Google I/O is around the corner. With the cat already out of the bag, Google’s going to have a tough time keeping this under wraps. Personally, I’m all in for a Pixel Watch 2a joining the Pixel A-line. It’d be a smart move to compete with more affordable smartwatches out there.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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