Google brings emoji reactions to Gmail in October

What you should know

– Gmail will be adding emoji reactions to its email app in October
– Users can click on a smiley face icon and select an emoji to send as a response to emails
– Emoji reactions will appear as separate emails for users who use a different email client
– Users can remove an emoji reaction within a certain time frame by adjusting their “Undo Send” settings

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Google has officially confirmed that emoji reactions will be coming to Gmail in October. This fun and convenient feature will allow Gmail users to respond to emails with emojis, saving time and effort on composing lengthy replies. The smiley face icon will appear below messages on both mobile and desktop versions of Gmail. Users can simply click on the icon and choose an emoji from the menu to send. If a recipient has already responded with an emoji, users can select the same one.

For Android users, adding emoji reactions in Gmail is a breeze. Open the Gmail app, select a message you want to reply to, and tap on “Add emoji reaction” below the message. From there, you can choose the emoji you want to use. To see more options, simply select “More”. The selected emoji will appear at the bottom of the email.

It’s worth noting that if you use a different email client, you will receive emoji reactions as separate emails. However, if you’re using Gmail, you can easily remove an emoji reaction by checking your “Undo Send” settings. By default, you have a few seconds to remove an emoji reaction, but you can adjust this timeframe in the settings.

Google will be rolling out this feature gradually, so if you don’t see it right away, be patient. Emoji reactions will be arriving in users’ inboxes in the coming weeks. Stay on the lookout for this exciting and expressive update to your Gmail experience.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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