Google Challenges Epic Games in Antitrust Lawsuit

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  • Google is opposing Epic Games’ proposed changes to the Google Play Store, arguing that these changes would compromise user privacy and security, and stifle competition.
  • The dispute originates from Epic Games challenging Google’s 30% commission on app store purchases and restrictions on app distribution on Android, as part of a larger antitrust battle involving other tech giants.
  • Epic Games has proposed allowing its own app store on Google Play without fees and ending practices that give Google Play an unfair advantage, which Google argues would weaken its ability to protect users from security threats.
  • Google suggests that a separate settlement it reached with state attorneys general, which promises changes to its app store practices, is a more appropriate solution than Epic’s proposals.


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Google’s thrown its gloves off, ready to duke it out with Epic Games over some big changes Epic wants for the Google Play Store. After a judge called Google out for playing monopoly a bit unfairly, Google’s standing its ground. They’re saying, “Hold up, these changes? They’re gonna mess with user privacy and security. Oh, and competition? That’s taking a hit too.” But Epic’s over there, waving its proposals like a flag, claiming it’s all for the sake of a fair fight in the mobile marketplace.

So, here’s the tea. Epic Games, yeah, the brains behind Fortnite, decided they weren’t cool with Google’s 30% cut on app store buys. Nor were they fans of the hoops you gotta jump through to get apps on Android devices. This spat isn’t just a one-off; it’s part of a bigger brawl with tech titans. Epic’s also scrapping with Apple, and Google’s caught up in a tangle with the Justice Department over its search engine being too big for its boots.

Epic’s wishlist for the Play Store? Pretty bold. They wanna roll out their own app store on Google Play, no fees attached. They’re also eyeing free access to the whole app and game library. And Google’s habit of giving its Play Store the upper hand? Epic’s not having it.

Google, though, is waving the red flag on this. They’re like, “Without our guard up, users are sitting ducks for malware and data breaches.” Google’s also throwing shade at the idea that bending to Epic’s will would do anything but choke competition, making it tough to buddy up with developers.

But wait, there’s a twist. Google’s already shaken hands with state attorneys general on a deal that might just sprinkle some water on the fire. This deal’s supposed to tweak how Google’s app store plays ball, possibly ticking off some boxes on Epic’s list. Google’s stance? “Epic’s asking for the moon, but we’ve got a solid plan right here.”

TechCrunch spilled the beans on this saga, marking another chapter in the tech world’s legal dramas. The judge’s call on this is gonna be a big deal. It’s not just about these two giants; it’s about setting the stage for how app stores roll and how developers and us, the users, get to play the game.

Guess we’re all hanging on the edge of our seats, huh? What’s the next move in this high-stakes tech chess match? Only time will tell.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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