Google Chat Apps Now Support Event Notifications

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  • Google announced at Google Cloud Next 2024 that Chat apps can now subscribe to event notifications, making the feature available to all Workspace developers.
  • Previously, although developers could build Chat apps with the capability to subscribe to events, the functionality was not operational until now.
  • Chat apps can receive notifications about various changes in Google Chat, including new memberships, reactions to messages, member changes in a space, and changes to a space’s name or description.
  • The new functionality allows Chat apps to respond to major actions in real-time, with both Rapid Release and Scheduled Release domains having immediate access to the feature.


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So, guess what Google just dropped at Google Cloud Next 2024? Yeah, you heard it right. Chat apps are finally getting the green light to buzz every time something happens. It’s kinda like having a little birdie whispering in your ear, except it’s all techy and stuff.

Now, for the folks who’ve been tinkering in the Developer Preview Program, this might sound like old news. They’ve had their hands on the API needed to make their Chat apps all attentive and responsive. But here’s the kicker – it was all just a tease until now.

Starting this week, though, the game’s changed. Every developer out there, not just the cool kids with early access, can make their Chat apps sit up and pay attention to the goings-on in Google Chat. We’re talking new members joining, reactions popping up or disappearing, and even the nitty-gritty changes in a space. Oh, and if someone decides to play musical chairs with the space name or description, you’ll know about that too.

It’s a big deal, really. Imagine your Chat app knowing the ins and outs of Google Chat happenings in real-time. It’s like having eyes everywhere – in a totally non-creepy way, of course.

And for those who hate waiting (who doesn’t?), here’s some good news. Both Rapid Release and Scheduled Release domains are on the fast track to getting this update. No dilly-dallying, no twiddling thumbs. It’s all systems go, right off the bat.

So, yeah. That’s the scoop. Google’s making sure your Chat apps are in the loop, keeping them clued in without skipping a beat. Pretty neat, huh?

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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