Google Chat, Slack, and Teams Interoperability Exits Beta Testing

What you should know


  • Google announced plans for interoperability between its Chat app and Microsoft Teams and Slack during its Cloud Next event last year, with the functionality powered by Mio.
  • After about one year of testing, interoperability between Google Chat, Microsoft Teams, and Slack is now generally available for Google Workspace customers.
  • Organizations using Google Workspace can now offer a more seamless experience to their users by utilizing Google Chat alongside other messaging platforms like Slack and Teams.
  • To benefit from this interoperability, Google Workspace customers are required to have a separate Mio licensing.


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Oh, throwback time! Remember when Google, during its Cloud Next shin-dig last year, dropped the bomb about making its Chat app play nice with Microsoft Teams and Slack? Yeah, that was a moment. They weren’t just talking the talk; they partnered with Mio to get the ball rolling on this. And, get this – they kicked off beta testing like, immediately. Workspace folks got an exclusive invite to this party, needing just to sign up for the special program.

Fast forward to earlier this week. Google’s like, “Guess what? After a whole year of us poking and prodding at this thing, interoperability’s finally ready for prime time.” That’s right, Google Workspace customers, you’re now in the cool club. You can mesh Google Chat with Slack and Teams, making everything smoother for your users. It’s all about that seamless experience, ya know?

But, hold up. Don’t get too ahead of yourself. Google’s thrown in a bit of a curveball. They’re saying, “Sure, have at it with the interoperability, but you gotta get this Mio license first.” Classic, right?

Here’s the kicker – it’s all systems go in both Rapid Release and Scheduled Release domains. And the cherry on top? Users don’t have to lift a finger. It’s all set up and ready to roll.

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Derrick Flynn
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