Google Contacts Declutters with New View of Connected Apps

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  • The Google Contacts app update will make viewing contacts’ information tied to other apps more organized by introducing a “Connected apps” section.
  • This new section groups contact info from connected apps like WhatsApp or Telegram, improving the user experience by reducing clutter.
  • The update enhances the Contacts app’s UI by streamlining the display of contact information and improving overall organization, making it easier to access important details from connected apps.
  • The update is server-side and will roll out gradually, requiring users to have the latest Google Contacts version (4.26) to receive the new feature.


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Oh boy, guess what? The Google Contacts app is about to get a facelift. Pretty soon, you won’t have to squint and scroll endlessly to find your buddy’s info.

You know, when you’re trying to link up with someone through another app on your phone? Yeah, that info’s gonna be way tidier. Like, “Why didn’t they do this sooner?” kind of tidy. Spotted by the eagle-eyed folks at The SP Android, we’re talking version 4.26 of the app.

So, here’s the scoop: all that jazz from WhatsApp, Telegram, and whatnot will be chilling in a new “Connected apps” section. Remember the old days? When you’d get lost in a sea of numbers trying to find that one detail? Yeah, those days are gone.

Now, it’s like everything’s in one cozy spot. Just tap, and boom, there it is—all the goodies from your connected apps. And not just your chat apps, but pretty much any app that’s got its fingers in your contacts.

Peep this screenshot from The SP Android. Left side? Before the update. Right side? After. It’s like night and day! This update is all about making life easier. No more digging through cluttered lists of numbers to find what you need.

And here’s the kicker: it’s not just for messaging apps. It’s for any app on your device that’s got some sort of contact sync going on. You give the app permission to peek at your contacts, and in return, it gives you a smoother, more personalized vibe.

Oh, and don’t sweat the rollout. It’s happening on the server side, so you don’t need to mess with any settings or flags. Just make sure your app’s up to date, version 4.26, to be exact. Keep an eye out, and you’ll be living the streamlined dream in no time.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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