Google Contacts Tests Separate Section for Managing Ringtones of All Contacts

What you should know

  • Google Contacts is testing a new feature to manage contact ringtones more efficiently, with a dedicated section to set and preview ringtones.
  • The new ringtone section consolidates all options into a single interface and includes existing custom ringtones.
  • The feature is still in progress and not yet active in the public version of Google Contacts, but once finalized, users will be able to manage all contact ringtones from a specific menu within the app.
  • The update is part of Google’s efforts to enhance RCS features, coinciding with RCS reaching one billion active monthly users. Other improvements include the introduction of “Profiles” that allow users to personalize the profile name and picture associated with their phone number across Google services.

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Google Contacts is cooking up a new feature. This one’s gonna make managing your contact ringtones a cinch.

No more menu hunting, folks. Soon, you’ll have a dedicated section for setting and previewing ringtones for all your contacts.

This juicy tidbit was spotted by the eagle-eyed team at GApps Flags and Leaks channel on Telegram. They noticed that version of the Google Contacts app has a shiny new ringtone section. It’s gonna consolidate everything into one easy-to-use interface.

How’s it work? Simple. You pick a contact, browse the available ringtones, and give your chosen ringtone a quick tap to preview it. And don’t worry about your existing custom ringtones – this new section’s got them integrated. So, your notification sounds will still be as unique as you are.

But hold your horses. This feature’s still a work in progress. It’s not yet active unless you tweak some flags in the app.

The public version of Google Contacts still needs you to open each contact individually and set a specified ringtone. But once this feature’s all polished up, you’ll be able to manage all contact ringtones from the “Fix & manage > Ringtones” menu. You’ll have all your contacts with personalized ringtones listed in one handy place.

And the timing couldn’t be better. Google’s been working hard on making RCS as feature-rich as iMessage. They announced a bunch of new updates yesterday.

These new RCS features are rolling out to celebrate RCS reaching one billion active monthly users worldwide. So, it totally makes sense for the Contacts app to get a little love too, right?

One of the improvements announced yesterday was the introduction of “Profiles”. This ties into the Contacts app and lets users personalize the profile name and picture associated with their phone number. It’s a cool way to set up an identity across Google services. And it can be saved within the Contacts app and tied to your phone number in group chats.

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