Google Continuously Prompts Android Users to Update Messages App

What you should know


  • Google is implementing full-screen notifications to prompt users to update the Google Messages app, a change from previous half-screen notifications.
  • The full-screen update notifications for Google Messages will reappear every time the app is opened until the update is performed or the app auto-updates.
  • Google’s intent is to ensure users install updates promptly for access to new features and important security enhancements.
  • There is a suggestion that Google could improve the user experience by explaining the importance of updates in the notification, rather than repeatedly prompting in an annoying manner.


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Oh, the annoyance of being nagged, right? Nobody enjoys that. Yet, Google’s got this idea. They’re rolling out this massive, can’t-miss-it notification across your screen. It screams, “Update the Google Messages app, will ya?” Back in the day, this kind of alert would politely take up just half your screen. And if you weren’t feeling it, you could just swipe it away. Poof! Gone. But now, Google’s upped its game. They’re like that persistent friend who won’t stop bugging you until you say yes. They believe you’re not seeing the big picture. So, they’re hitting you with this reminder over and over, until you cave and hit update.

With something as crucial as the Google Messages app, staying updated isn’t just about catching the latest features. Oh no. It’s also about beefing up your security. Google’s practically on its knees, begging you to install these updates ASAP. And they’re not playing around. Ignore that full-screen plea to update? Expect to see it again. And again. It’s like Groundhog Day, but with annoying notifications.

Yikes, right? Imagine every single time you tap on Google Messages, BAM! That full-screen nag is back. It’s like a bad penny. It just keeps turning up. And if you keep ignoring it? Well, it’s stuck in a loop until you either give in and update or the app decides to take matters into its own hands and updates itself. Back in January, Google let slip that they were going to start doing this. So far, it’s just Google Messages getting this special treatment.

You’d think after the umpteenth time, users would get the hint. “Fine, I’ll update already!” But, honestly, Google could be a bit nicer about it. Maybe use that giant notification to gently explain, “Hey, here’s why you really should update.” Give folks a reason to want to hit that update button. And if they still don’t? Maybe just let the app update itself quietly in the background. At the end of the day, Google gets what Google wants – an updated app. And hopefully, the user isn’t left feeling too irked by the whole ordeal.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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