Google discontinues Pixel Watch’s brown leather band

What you should know

– Google has released the Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro, and Pixel Watch 2
– The introduction of the Pixel Watch 2 led to the removal of the first-party brown leather band from Google’s watch band lineup
– Google now offers Obsidian black/grey, Porcelain white/grey, and Bay watch bands
– The Two-Tone Leather band, which was exclusive to the Google Store, has been discontinued and there is currently no brown leather band option available from Google

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Google recently released its newest devices, the Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro, and the Pixel Watch 2. However, the launch of the Pixel Watch 2 came with some changes to Google’s watch band lineup. Unfortunately, this meant that the popular brown leather band was removed from the options available. The “Linen” Two-Tone Leather band, which perfectly matched the gold Pixel Watch, has now been completely taken off the market. Currently, Google offers Obsidian black/grey, Porcelain white/grey, and Bay as its watch band choices.

Last year, the initial lineup for the Pixel Watch included a wide range of bands. There were different colors available, including two types of high-quality leather bands. The Two-Tone Leather band, in particular, was a standout option and the only way to get a brown leather band for the Pixel Watch at launch. However, this year, Google introduced a blue color for its Crafted Leather band, but the lack of a brown option is puzzling considering it is a popular choice for leather accessories.

It’s worth noting that the Two-Tone Leather band was exclusive to the Google Store, so there are no alternative sources for purchasing it. While other brands do offer replacements, the convenience of buying directly from Google has been lost.

While the Pixel Watch 2 offers several upgrades over its predecessor, owners of the first generation may not find compelling reasons to upgrade. Smartwatch innovation tends to progress slowly, and many users stick with their watches for a long time. Unfortunately, the removal of the brown leather band may disappoint those who were hoping for more options with the Pixel Watch 2.

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