Google Enhances Passkey Support and Integrates into Advanced Protection Program

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  • Google’s passkey technology has been utilized over a billion times across four hundred million Google Accounts, offering a more secure alternative to traditional passwords by using methods like fingerprint, face scan, or PIN for authentication.
  • The expansion of Google’s Cross-Account Protection program aims to enhance security by sharing important security notifications across Google and non-Google apps and services, reducing the risk of cybercriminals accessing connected accounts.
  • Google’s Advanced Protection Program (APP) will soon allow enrollment with passkeys alone, or in conjunction with passwords or hardware security keys, providing an additional layer of security for users at high risk of targeted attacks.
  • Integration of passkeys with major password managers such as 1Password and Dashlane, along with support from major companies like Amazon, Kayak, and Shopify, indicates a growing acceptance and normalization of passkeys as a secure and user-friendly online security measure.


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Oh, passwords. The bane of our digital lives, right? They’re like that one friend who’s always causing trouble but you can’t really ditch. Vulnerable to hacking and oh-so-easy to forget. But, hey, Google’s on a mission. They’re dreaming of a world where passwords are just a distant memory.

Fast forward two years since the big reveal of passkeys on World Password Day 2022. Google’s been busy. They dropped some news on their blog recently, making waves in the quest to toughen up online security. And get this: passkeys have been used a *billion* times across four hundred million Google Accounts. That’s a lot of unlocks.

So, passkeys. They’re not your grandma’s password. No more strings of letters, numbers, and the occasional punctuation mark to remember. Now, it’s all about your fingerprint, your face, or a PIN. Yup, just like getting into your phone.

But wait, there’s more. Google’s not stopping at just swapping passwords for passkeys. They’re beefing up their Cross-Account Protection program. It’s kinda like having a security guard who talks to other security guards from different clubs. If a cyber-thug breaks into one place, they won’t get to party in your other accounts.

For the folks in the danger zone of cyber threats—think journalists, activists, and other front-line warriors—Google’s stepping up its game. They’re rolling out the red carpet to the Advanced Protection Program (APP), where you can use passkeys as your VIP pass. Whether you’re team password, team passkey, or team hardware security key, they’ve got you covered.

And for those of us who like to keep all our secrets in one place, there’s good news. The big names in password management, like 1Password and Dashlane, are now passkey-friendly. It’s like having a new, secure, and fancy keychain for your digital life.

Since Google unleashed passkeys, the dominoes have started to fall. Amazon, Kayak, Shopify—they’re all hopping on the passkey train. It’s becoming the cool new standard for staying safe online, with a cherry on top: it’s so darn easy to use.

In the end, it seems like Google’s dream might just become our reality. A future where “password” is just a word in the history books, next to “dial-up internet” and “floppy disks.” Wouldn’t that be something?

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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