Google Expands Assistant Quick Phrases for Pixel Buds Pro Incoming Calls

What you should know

  • Pixel Buds Pro now allows hands-free control of Pixel devices
  • Users can manage incoming calls using voice commands
  • Quick Phrases feature remains limited to Pixel 6 and newer devices
  • Quick Phrases offer a more limited experience compared to Google Nest products

Full Story

Google has updated its Pixel Buds Pro to provide hands-free control of Pixel devices through the Quick Phrases feature. This means users can now manage incoming calls with voice commands like “answer,” “decline,” or “silence” without needing to say “Hey Google” first. The update is a helpful addition for those who want to control their Pixel devices from a distance. However, it’s important to note that this feature is currently only available for managing calls and not for controlling timers or alarms. Additionally, Quick Phrases is limited to Pixel 6 and newer devices when using Pixel Buds Pro.

Despite Google not officially acknowledging this expansion of Quick Phrases compatibility, the feature is fully functional on Pixel Buds Pro. It’s worth mentioning that Quick Phrases on Pixel devices are more limited compared to Google Nest products, which can provide information and control smart home accessories without needing a wake phrase.

The addition of Quick Phrases to Pixel Buds Pro is a welcome enhancement for Pixel users, as it provides a more seamless hands-free experience. As the feature continues to develop, it could potentially expand to encompass a wider range of actions and devices, further enhancing the convenience of Google’s ecosystem.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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