Google Introduces New Benefits for YouTube Premium Service

What you should know

– Google announced a new YouTube feature called Playables
– It allows users to play games in the YouTube app without downloading anything
– The feature is only available to YouTube Premium members
– There are nearly three dozen mobile games available to play for free in the Playables section

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Google has taken a new approach to gaming following the Stadia fiasco, introducing a smaller venture called Playables on YouTube. This “experimental” feature allows users to play games in the YouTube app without downloading anything. Recently, screenshots revealed a new Playables tab on the platform, signaling its imminent launch. While the feature is currently available in select countries, the move suggests Google’s intention to expand it globally.

The Playables feature is exclusively offered to YouTube Premium members, who will receive a notification about its availability. Similar to Netflix, Premium subscribers can access and play games directly within the app on both desktop and mobile devices. The new Playables section is anticipated to be prominently displayed alongside other content on the platform’s home feed.

Surprisingly, there are nearly thirty mobile games available for free play through Playables, offered until March 28, 2024. Despite Google’s initial plan to bring these games to both mobile and desktop devices, the limited availability and eventual expiration date may deter potential users from paying for the service, especially when other companies offer similar benefits for free.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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