Google Japan’s Innovative Wearable QWERTY Keyboard Cap

What you should know

– Google Japan has created a cap that can be used as a text input device for phones, tablets, and computers.
– The cap uses different letters that appear when tilting the head in different angles.
– Google is not building this product but provides directions on GitHub for users to build it themselves.
– Future design possibilities include a reversible version, a version with a built-in display, a version with a smartphone case, and a solar-powered version.

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Have you ever heard of a keyboard cap? Well, Google Japan took that concept to a whole new level. They have created the Gboard cap, which is not just a cap you wear on your head, but also a typing device for your phone. This cap is designed to resemble the physical keyboard and can be used to input text on your phone, tablet, or computer.

To see how you would look wearing one, Google Japan has set up a website where you can use your webcam to get a preview. You can even toggle the settings to display English letters. As you tilt your head, different letters appear, allowing you to input text just by tapping the top of the cap. It’s a creative and innovative way to interact with your devices.

Interestingly, Google is not planning to manufacture this product themselves. Instead, they are leaving it up to users to follow the instructions on GitHub or build it out of cardboard using the Japanese instructions provided. They even mention future design possibilities, which include versions with built-in displays, smartphone cases, and even solar-powered ones.

Although using this cap to type social media posts might lead to a headache, it would have been great if Google had produced a limited number of these instead of turning it into a DIY project. After all, this unique and tech-savvy cap could make a fantastic gift for any tech enthusiast.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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