Google Lens Update: Save Searched Images for Later Access

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  • Google Lens is receiving a significant update that allows users to save images they analyze with the tool, addressing a long-requested feature.
  • Previously, images searched with Google Lens were not saved, requiring users to take additional steps to keep a copy of the visual content.
  • The new feature to save images applies only to searches done within the Google app, and saved images can be accessed and managed via
  • Activating the Visual Search History feature is optional and can be enabled in Google account settings under “Data & Privacy” by selecting the “Include Visual Search History” option.


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Oh, Google Lens is stepping up its game! It’s not just a cool app anymore; it’s about to become your digital memory box. Imagine snapping a pic of something intriguing and being able to revisit that moment anytime you want. That’s right, no more “Oops, I wish I saved that!” moments.

So, here’s the scoop. Before this shiny update, using Google Lens felt a bit like catching butterflies with a net full of holes. You’d find something cool, get all the deets from Lens, and then poof! The image vanished into the digital ether. Frustrating, right? You either had to be quick on the draw with your camera app or say goodbye to that visual forever.

But hey, change is in the air. According to the folks over at 9to5Google, the app’s now got your back. It’ll keep those images safe and sound, tucked away for a rainy day when you’re feeling nostalgic or, you know, need them for something important. Just hit up, and it’s like stepping into a time machine.

And here’s a little pro tip: wanna take another whirl with Lens on an old pic or maybe use it for a project? You can re-download those images. No more jumping through hoops. It’s like Google Lens finally got its act together, making life a tad easier for us.

But wait, there’s a catch. This update’s got a VIP list, and it’s all about where you do your searching. If you’re team Google app, you’re in luck. Those images get the VIP treatment. But if you’re using Google Photos or dabbling with other Lens features, like Circle to Search, you’re outta luck. No history-saving magic for you.

Fancy giving it a whirl? You gotta flip the switch yourself. Dive into the settings at, find the “Data & Privacy” section, and light up the “Include Visual Search History” option. It’s like saying “abracadabra” to your digital life.

And for the grand finale, this isn’t some “coming soon” teaser. The rollout’s happening as we speak. So keep your eyes peeled for that little pop-up in Google Lens. It’s your golden ticket to never losing a digital memory again. Well, as long as you remember to turn the feature on, that is.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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