Google Maps Adds Alternate Transit and Walking Directions Alongside Driving Routes

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  • Google Maps is introducing a new feature that will show public transit and walking alternatives next to driving routes, aiming to encourage users to choose more eco-friendly transportation options if the travel times are comparable.
  • The alternative transportation suggestions will be displayed in a card labeled “Also consider,” providing a preview and indicating if these options are faster than driving, with the aim of promoting lower carbon usage.
  • In addition to Google Maps, Google Search is enhancing its functionality to include detailed information on long-distance train and bus routes, including schedules and ticket prices, for 38 countries (trains) and 15 countries (buses), with direct links for booking.
  • Google is integrating train route suggestions into Google Flights, allowing users to compare these alternatives with flights, including estimated emissions, and offering the ability to filter results to show the most eco-friendly options first.


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So, Google Maps is rolling out this nifty new feature, right? It’s all about nudging folks to maybe catch a bus or, heck, just walk instead of always jumping in the car. Imagine that! Right next to where you usually see how long your drive will take, there’s gonna be these other options popping up. Public transit and walking routes, just sitting there, suggesting, “Hey, why not give this a shot?”

And here’s the kicker: these alternatives only show up if they make sense time-wise. Google dropped this news in a blog post today, making it sound all casual and cool. Down at the bottom of your screen, there’s gonna be this little card that says, “Also consider.” It’s pretty much Google nudging you, saying, “Eh? Maybe?” Plus, it’ll tell you if any of these options are actually quicker than driving. The whole point? Pushing for choices that are kinder to our planet. This feature’s rolling out in 15 cities globally, places like Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Sydney, to name a few.

Oh, and there’s this other thing. Google Maps isn’t just stopping there. They’re also tweaking Search to make it easier to dig up info on long-haul bus and train routes. Say you’re trying to get from Boston to Philly by train. Just pop that into Search, and bam! Schedules, ticket prices, and even booking links are right there. This handy tool covers trains in 38 countries and buses in 15.

Remember last year? Google started suggesting train routes alongside flights on Search. Well, they’re upping their game. Soon, when you’re hunting for flights on Google Flights, train options will pop up too. And not just any options – they’re showing you the greenest ones first. Google’s basically laying out all the cards, helping you pick the low-carbon route when you’re on the move.

It’s like Google’s gently pushing us to think a bit more about our carbon footprint, one trip at a time. And honestly? It’s kinda cool.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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