Google Maps Update: Direct Access to Latest Brand Posts

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  • Google Business Profiles now automatically showcase social media posts from platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and X, providing a more comprehensive view of a business’s online presence.
  • Business owners can link their social media accounts to their Google Business Profile by editing their profile and adding links under the “Social profiles” section in the “Contact” category.
  • This integration aims to make it easier for customers to find and engage with businesses they follow on social media, enhancing the brand’s visibility and marketing efforts.
  • The feature is currently available in specific regions, with plans to expand availability, and Google Maps is also enhancing its functionality by adding building entrances directly on the map.


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Brands? Oh, they’re all in on the online marketing game now. Seriously, it’s like every company’s digital footprint is getting bigger by the minute. Take Google Business Profiles, for instance. They’re a game-changer. Suddenly, a business pops up in your search results or on Maps, and bam! You’ve got everything you need. Location, contact deets, when they open, what folks think of them, and even snapshots of their place.

And guess what? Google’s rolling out new bells and whistles for you to connect with businesses right in Maps. Heard it through the grapevine (okay, more like Search Engine Journal via Android Police), but here’s the scoop: social media posts from the likes of Instagram, Facebook, and X are gonna show up directly on Google Business Profiles (GBP). The aim? To let customers peek into a business’s online vibe and interactions.

So, there was this example, right? Darren Shaw and Krystal Taing were chatting about it on X. It’s like, is Google trying to phase out Google Posts or what? Yesterday, @StefanSomborac drops a bomb with a screenshot. It’s from this updated Google support doc that hints, “some businesses may find their social media posts surfaced on their Business Profile automatically.” And then @krystal_taing, she goes and posts a video on LinkedIn…

If you’re running a business, listen up. You can link up one account from each platform to your GBP. We’re talking Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, X (yeah, that’s what they’re calling Twitter now), and YouTube. Google’s help page says if you’ve linked your socials to your GBP, your posts might just pop up on your profile without lifting a finger.

Ready to jump on this? Head over to your Business Profile. Click “Edit profile,” then “Business information.” Hit “Contact” and choose “Social profiles” to add, update, or ditch links to your social media. This update? It’s a no-brainer for businesses wanting to be seen by their social media followers, giving them more room to strut their stuff with zero hassle.

But hold up, not everyone’s invited to the party yet. This feature’s rolling out in specific regions, so it might not be at your doorstep just yet. Don’t worry, though. We’ll keep you in the loop with any updates on availability.

Oh, and in other news? Google Maps isn’t just stopping at social media posts. They’re upping their game by showing building entrances right on the map. How cool is that? Now, if only they could find my lost socks.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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