Google Maps Update Enhances Android Auto Navigation with 3D Building Sync

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  • Google Maps’ latest Android update improves navigation experiences, particularly for Android Auto users, by introducing a significant enhancement related to 3D buildings representation.
  • The new update allows the “Show 3D buildings” setting in Google Maps to sync with Android Auto, meaning turning it off on your phone also turns it off in your car’s navigation view.
  • This update creates a smoother and easier user experience by eliminating the need to adjust settings in two different places.
  • The change brings Google Maps’ functionality on Android Auto in line with how it operates on Apple devices with CarPlay, promoting consistency across platforms.


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Oh, Google’s at it again! They’ve been tweaking Maps, making sure we don’t get lost or, heavens forbid, bored while driving. So, there’s this new thing with the latest Android update. It’s pretty cool, especially if you’re like me, using Android Auto to avoid asking for directions.

Now, about those 3D buildings in Google Maps. They used to pop up in Android Auto, no matter what. You could turn them off on your phone, but whoops, there they were in your car, standing tall and unyielding. It was like they had a mind of their own.

But, guess what? The game has changed. With the latest update (yep, that’s Google Maps beta v11.125.0100 for those keeping score), your settings sync up. If you’re not a fan of 3D buildings on your phone, they’ll vanish from your car’s display too. Finally, right?

Hat tip to 9to5Google for spotting this. It’s a small tweak, but man, does it smooth things out. No more jumping through hoops to get your settings just right. It’s all streamlined, baby.

Oh, and for the Apple crowd, Google’s making sure you’re not left out. This update brings Android Auto in line with how things work on CarPlay. It’s all about keeping things consistent, no matter what device you’re glued to.

But here’s a heads-up: If you’re fiddling with the 3D buildings setting while hooked up to Android Auto, don’t expect instant magic. The changes kick in the next time you connect your phone. Patience is a virtue, or so they say.

And, oh! This is still a beta rollout. So, you might need to hang tight a bit longer before you can enjoy this seamless experience. Google’s always cooking up something new for Maps. This might seem like a tiny tweak, but it’s all about making our lives a tad easier. Especially during those never-ending car rides.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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