Google May Relocate Search Bar to Bottom of App for Enhanced Android Accessibility

What you should know

  • Google is reportedly considering changes to enhance the search experience on Android smartphones, including moving the search bar to the bottom of the screen.
  • This change is designed to make the search bar more accessible on larger phones, allowing users to reach it with just a thumb, regardless of hand size or grip.
  • The change is currently being tested in the Google App, but there is speculation that it might also be implemented in Chrome for Android in the future.
  • The exact release date for this change is still uncertain and depends on Google’s approval. Currently, the feature is available to beta testers, indicating ongoing testing before a potential wider release.

Full Story

Android smartphones across the globe usually come pre-loaded with Google apps. The Google App is one of the main ones. There’s chatter that Google is thinking about some tweaks to enhance the search experience on Android smartphones. According to TheSpAndroid (via Android Authority), the latest update of the Google app has a significant change. It’s the relocation of the search bar to the bottom, right above the bottom navigation tabs. This change applies to both the main search bar and the one visible in the search results.

You might think it’s a minor tweak, but moving that search bar down is a game-changer. Why? It’s simple. It makes tapping it easier on any phone, whether big or small. Let’s face it, phones have been getting bigger over the years. Take the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra as an example. It boasts a massive 6.8-inch display. Trying to reach the top of that screen with one hand? Not so easy.

Moving the search bar to the bottom allows for quick searches with just a thumb. It doesn’t matter your hand size or grip. The goal of this tweak is to lessen the strain on fingers and ensure a secure grip on the phone. Here’s an interesting fact: Google Chrome on iOS has a bottom URL bar, while on Android, it’s on the top. This search bar move is happening in the Google App for now. But, there’s hope it’ll make its way to Chrome for Android, too.

The exact release date for this change is still up in the air, pending Google’s approval. As of now, the feature is open to beta testers. This suggests continued testing before a possible wider rollout.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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